© Lou Szymkow


A Love Poem

(Lou Szymkow 14/2/2000 – subject matter: the warmth & splendor of love over time)

Though the years have gone by, it must seem but a second
since you had that first kiss and your love began to beckon,
His smile attracted you,
Her beauty inspired you,

Just a glance warmed your heart,
and the mere thought of each other
kept you swooning even when apart,

You still yearn for a sweet caress,
a gentle kiss of finesse
those tender lips to thine,
your souls forever entwined
heart and soul and mind,

and when the world is full of plight
there is still a gentle kiss goodnight,
and all those worries turn to solutions
and you know,
all will be all right.

A Last Breath

© Lou Szymkow – Published: August 2017 – a funeral poem

I have breathed my last breath,
But don’t be vexed,
I have finished with this world
And moved on to the next

I’ll visit you from time to time,
Whenever our hearts and memories entwine

So don’t despair at my departure
I’ve just moved on to another pasture,
I have no pain, no anguish, no fears,
My love for you remains, my dears

So think of me now and again
Know that my soul has no end

Cry for me if you have to
But know that I am always proud of you

I would rather that you smile
When you think of me every while,

I want you to live for me, courageously.
Remember the good and the fun, joyously,

I love you, you know,
But now, it is time to let me go.

For Aldo (a truckie)

copyright 2017 – Lou Szymkow – subject matter: farewell to a truckie named Aldo

I loved the sound of the engine,
The feel of the gears engaging
The tug of a heavy load
that strains the semi’s framing

I loved the view from the cabin
And the scenery flashing by
I loved the people I met each day
And getting a laugh in my shit stirring way

I loved a farm and animals
Especially that bull
Life was always a pleasure
My cup was always full

I loved every bit of that adventure called life
But Most of all
I loved my girls, and my wife
I have not left you, I will always be in your hearts
Now watch out God ‘cause here I come,
Let’s see what new adventure starts


©Lou Szymkow 7/2/2017 – subject matter: Grief 

The air is still
The birds are silent
My loved one has gone
but my heart, is defiant
My soul is in wreaking pain
as I blindly seek for you in vain
You were taken from my now empty arms
I yearn for you, and all of your charms
My life must go on; Please, why are you gone!
Come back to me
Come back to me
You were my life, my only destiny.

I fall to my knees
My heart about to burst
What is this pain, this despicable curse
How do I survive,
when I myself no longer feel worthy to be alive
Why has the sun so dimmed, how have I so sinned

That I should deserve to be so empty and bleak
I’ll rest here in your casket’s shadow, I’m so lonely and so weak

Words have been spoken but none fell to my ears
The curtains have closed and a friends’ arm appears
I rise to my feet, still so empty and so very weak
I struggle to walk, I don’t want to hear them speak,
I must go through the motions of living you know
But this pain will remain until I myself go,
Go to that place where we shall always be together
That mystical place of forever and ever.

I Am Me,

By Lou Szymkow, 2019

I am me,
Not a disability
I am me,
I am not a disease, Call me by my name if you please
I am me,
I am not a statistic, not an autistic
I am me,
I am not a client number, over which you can blunder
I am me,
I am human, not a machine you can demean,
I am me,
Not to be ignored or unseen,
I am me,
Not to be spoken over or left to be bored
I am me,
I have feelings and I have essence
I am me,
I am in the room, don’t ignore my presence
I am me,
I am heart and I am soul,
I am me,
And am as precious as gold,

I Gathered Petals In My Hand

by Lou Szymkow, April 2019 – subject matter: placing petals at a funeral

I gathered petals in my hand,
I felt their velvet, soft and bland
I saw the soft colours in my palm
Looking not unlike some lucky charm
I raised them to my lips
And whispered words for you alone
Then placed the petals upon your bed,
And stood alone, this moment of dread,
I turned and walked away
My words, my love, are with you I pray.

I Place A Rose

(a poem of grief) – by Lou Szymkow, April 2019

I want to say, that I love you,
I feel an emptiness inside

I want to say, I miss you
I just want to hide

I want to say, so much to you
I just don’t know how

This wretched pain inside of me
My throat, my heart, my now.

And so I have a gift for you,
My love, in the form of a rose
I’ll hold it to my lips
And whisper my loving prose

It’s my special message just for you
It’s private and from my soul
I want you to remember me,
Though impossible to console,

My words, my love, are meant for you
And reaches from my heart
I just don’t know how to live,
Now we are apart

And so I whisper to the petals
The words I want to say
So they will be carried by the angels
From my heart, to you, this day

I breath and place this rose, 
gently upon your tomb.
And feel your presence, and your love,
in this very room

I know now you are with me
I feel your caress
I’ll go on living for you,
I could do nothing less,

I’ll walk, I’ll talk,
And go through the motions
But every step will be my love,
for you, my daily devotions


subject matter: Love – by Lou Szymkow, 13/10/2000)

Love is more than a word
More than a caress
More than forever

Love is everything

Memory of a Life Lived.

(A poem of grief) Copyright – Lou Szymkow 27/12/2017,
dedicated to my Mum 20/2/1925-19/01/2016)

Life is a collection of moments
Those things that make us care
The sights and the sounds
The aromas and the swirling of the morning air

Life is not the busy-ness of the day
But the moments and feeling, as we make our way

It is the laughter of a loved one
The smile of a child
The sizzle of a breakfast
The dressing up in style

It is the warmth of a tear upon your cheek
The foreboding when the skies are grey and bleak
The joy when the one you love enters the room
And the fear when they leave you, not knowing if they’ll return

Life is the cloud whispering by
The song of the birds applauding the sky
It is the sounds of your baby crying at night
And the pain of your loss when in plight

It is not just the emptiness left deep inside
But the remembering of wisdoms mentioned in stride
Life is but one step at a time
It is the knowledge that love is forever thine

Party Time

(for funeral of a partier)

By Lou Szymkow Feb 2021

Oh bugger this dying busines,
It’s not for me.
I’d rather be out and partying ‘till three
A drink, a laugh, a dance across the floor
Life is for living, not for a bore

Yeah so what, I’ve been called away,
And yes, I know I cannot stay,
But wasn’t it fun while it lasted
The singing and dancing and music blasted

When you hear that thunder, think of me,
That’ll  you think of me,
That’ll be me and the Angels dancing with glee

And so a toast to you, and to all.
Live your lives, and have a ball
I loves you all, yeah I do,
And I hopes you loved me through and through,
‘cause it’s party time again,
And so have a drink for me
I hope you’ll be dancin’ ‘till 3.

The Loss Of Any Life

subject matter: grief – By Lou Szymkow

The loss of a life, any life, leaves an emptiness and pain in those who mourn.
When we get older, life is not less valuable because of age but more so because it has become obviously limited.
Words can be like daggers, to those it impacts.
Please think of the impact of your words.
The companions, the mourners for the life lost, are in grief and maybe grievously hurt by thoughtless words.
Please don’t compound their grief with arrogant and thoughtless nonsense.

The One You Choose

subject matter: love – By Lou Szymkow

The one you choose to marry is all of that but more,
as it is the person before you and adores you
who treasures your past without keeping score,
the good and the not so good, the successes and joys,
because it has made you the person you are today;
believes in your future together
and can see no other,
and cherishes you,

just as you are.


subject matter: Love – (Lou Szymkow 2017)

I look through the glass and see the trees and the grass
And the people getting on with their lives
But they do not know

The world travels by as I look to the sky
Not knowing our love,
Not knowing us,

I smile and I breathe, the world is at ease
There is a peace in our love that cannot be lost
Knowing us

I close my eyes with pleasurable sighs
Knowing us

You Ask Me Why

(copyright: Lou Szymkow, December 2017) – subject matter: the loss of life by suicide

I know you didn’t hear me, I didn’t tell you all,
I knew you couldn’t understand
And besides, I didn’t want to burden you all
So I didn’t tell you everything,
it was my burden to struggle through.
I am not a coward, you know, I just couldn’t find a way to undo,
why I had to carry this burden, this inhuman demand.
How could you have helped me, when I myself couldn’t understand?

I tried to fight daily but it just wouldn’t go away.
I knew I couldn’t impose on you and so knew I had to go away.
My life was often wonderful and there were times when I felt blessed.
I had no thought of dying, just of finding rest,
My body was a vessel, my thoughts and brain in disdain,
I just couldn’t live a life, without ending this wretched pain.
It was just too much to bear, this suffocating, darkest air.
but now it is such a relief to see the sun once more
I am free at last, there is sunshine evermore,
So remember me as freedom, in everlasting joy,
I lived and loved, worked and played, I tried to do it all.
So think of only the best of me, and feel the warmth of a better deed,
Keep me in your memories, and let loves’ gentle thought always be your creed


subject matter: marriage childhood friends – By Lou Szymkow, 04/09/2018

We played, we laughed
We grew, we smiled,
We felt each other’s pains and enjoyed each other’s gains
We were children and then we were teens
We lived our lives and all the in-betweens
We fell in love along the way and now cannot imagine it being any other way
We now take each others’ hands and hearts and today exchange rings,  so we’ll never be apart


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