A fun, friendly, considerate, helpful, professional, Family Celebrant with a difference; a permanent smile, a listening ear, and loads of experience.
I love what I do!… and I believe & trust that you will too.
I want you to enjoy your Ceremony even more than I do!

There is a reason other celebrants come to me for advice.

…. and a reason a guest at a ceremony came to me to say:
“don’t you ever stop doing what you are doing, you were born to do this”!

I put you at the centre of everything.
It is your ceremony so let’s design it together and make it wonderful.

The Celebrant of choice for Hatch, Match & Dispatch

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+61 (0) 457 00 1922

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For an easy way of getting the legal ball rolling, just follow the link to the Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM), and you will be able to enter data that will come directly to me for checking & printing. I can then create all your legal forms and we can then finalise (sign) the NOIM at our meeting where I will also check your ID’s.




Weddings, Renewals, Namings, Memorials, Funerals, & more…

The Celebrant of choice for Hatch, Match & Dispatch

Ceremonies for every moment of Love, Life and Loss – the truly important occasions in life.

Far more than a Civil & Marriage Celebrant, authorised by the Attorney General‘s Office,

Fun, enthusiastic, helpful, experienced, knowledgeable, passionate, compassionate, and entertaining,

A celebrant for all special occasions in your journey of life.

Your Life Events: Weddings, Commitments & Renewals; Naming Ceremonies; Memorials & Funerals, & More

The most common words used to describe my Ceremonies are  ‘beautiful’, different  and ‘FUN’

I am constantly looking for new ideas and so am a member of numerous international Celebrancy groups and forums and I am a financial member of the following associations in Australia:

Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants (AFCC),

Australian Marriage Celebrants Associations (AMC),

Civil Celebrants Network (CCN);

Funeral Celebrants Association of Australia (FCAA), and.

    Celebrants Australia Inc.

Association of Civil Marriage Celebrants of New South Wales and ACT Inc.

I am also a Justice of the Peace in NSW and am a member of

Over 40 years of experience in public life, married for over 44 years, an accomplished public & motivational speaker, humanitarian, educator, poet, international traveller, & Master of Ceremonies.

I have been awarded for community service, poetry, business, and my contributions to Celebrancy.

Caring, and determined that your ceremony will be uniquely yours, making it a memorable, fulfilling, and enriching experience.


I’ll work with you and guide you, to make it easier, and one that you truly want to attend.

One that is beautiful…. and fun

I love what I do, but so do others. Have a look at the reviews


As an AFCC Member, and an AMC Member, I have the following insurance coverage:

  • Copyright coverage for ceremonies
  • Professional Indemnity cover up to $1,000,000 on any one claim and $3,000,000 in the aggregate;
  • Public Liability cover up to $20,000,000 per claim per member;
  • Cover of $100,000 per claim per association member for property in physical or legal control, not being general property owned by the celebrant;
  • Cover (above) is for all my civil celebrancy services within Australia

You can view currency certificates here upon request

  • As a member of multiple Celebrancay associations and forums in Australia as well as internationally,  I have:
    • an excellent level of Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance cover,
    • universal Copyright protection,
    • an Australasian Performing Rights Association (APRA) commercial music performance license exemption,
    • a ‘Code of Ethics’ to which I comply
    • a vast store of resources and peer support to draw upon
    • access to Professional Development Programs and events.
    • access to forums, regular newsletters & journals
    • Annual Conferences
    • back-up support

All the web designers tell me there is already too much information on this page and as the bit above is what is important to you.

 There is though, all sorts of stuff about me below, so if you really want to, you can keep scrolling, 

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I have on numerous occasions been encouraged to write an autobiography but I am too busy getting on with life creating the story

I am a Civil Celebrant, & a Marriage Celebrant, authorised by the Attorney General‘s Office, but my history is filled with colour. I am also a Funeral Celebrant, Naming Celebrant and a fun MC.

  • Over 43 years’ experience in public life,
  • Reuters and local newspapers have attended some of my ceremonies
  • I once performed a wedding ceremony within a funeral (you’ll have to ask me about that one to get the full story)
  • I video record all my ceremonies and give a copy of the video to my clients
  • My largest wedding and my largest funeral each had about 500 in attendance
  • I regularly Zoom ceremonies and have had people log in from around the world
  • I have had a ceremony where a reader took part via video
  • I have MC’d events with crowds ranging from 8 to 8000 that included celebrities, politicians, entertainers, and most of all – community
  • All of my weddings have been incredibly FUN!
  • Was in part, the subject of a 5-page feature spread in InSport Magasine in 1992 in which I was described as ‘angelic’
  • Awarded a Community Hero Award in 2000
  • Recipient of other awards including several national volunteer awards and a special award in 2018 for over 20 years in dedicated service to the welfare of others.
  • An accomplished public & motivational speaker, humanitarian, educator, poet, international traveller, & Master of Ceremonies before audiences of 8 to 8000.
  • Founded and operated an investigation business for 28 years and worked on many cases that appeared on the front page of national newspapers and magazines.
  • A skilled interviewer
  • Also awarded as a trainer & educator, and for sales
  • have traveled extensively (about 27 countries so far) – I love to travel and explore cultures and history
  • I grew up on a small family farm at Kemps Creek, the youngest of 5, and my amazing Mum was a widow who never let life’s obstacles stop her
  • My Dad’s tragic death led to the creation of CTP schemes and to my interest in social justice
  • the first time my picture was on the front page of a newspaper, was after my Dad’s funeral when I was 18 months old.
  • In 28 years as an investigator, my name only appeared in a newspaper once in a single paragraph reading “the investigator, Lou Szymkow, would make no comment” but it did appear in magasines and national insurance journals

if you still really, truly want to read more about me there is heaps below but you might find it boring 🙂

I grew up on a small farm on the outer skirts of Sydney, milking cows, plucking chooks, and riding horses across paddocks.

I love the infinite diversity of our planet; I have travelled widely, mostly with my wife, from the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul to the green fields of Shropshire where I attended a fox hunt and swam in the underground pool in Lifou, and explored the Great Ocean Road to meet the biggest koalas I have ever seen;

I have sat at boardroom tables where I advised on multimillion contracts;  have enjoyed an Alpha beer under the moon of the Acropolis; ridden a camel in the shadow of the Pyramids and shared a banana with a monkey in a Bali temple; and even ran a spontaneous mock slave auction at the Grand Bazaar.

I just love new experiences and the incredible variety of cultures across the world. I’ve worked in a variety of fields from potato & strawberry picker to insurance clerk to private investigator; education industry consultant to motivational speaker and trainer; I’ve built swimming pools,  worked on farms, and managed national sales teams. I’ve even advised on a national employment scheme for a significant middle eastern country.

I have been married for 42 years, am a father & excited/proud grandfather, and still have friends from my childhood.

I’ve been with people at their greatest moments and at their saddest, each being a part of the journey we call life …. and of course, I truly enjoy my writing and poetry.

I love doing what I do.

What I enjoy most about my experiences is meeting people and hearing their stories. 

Everyone has their own story and it is often amazing what can be learned over an espresso in a back street in Rome, Venice, or Amsterdam, or on a walk-in a London street or a beach in Nice, or sitting on the grassy banks of the Nepean River. My wife and I went for a walk in Nice and could not find our way back to our hotel and so danced in the street singing “I was lost in France, in love”.  Every experience has an opportunity.

Sharing time with people is the greatest of experiences.

A Ceremony created by Lou Szymkow, A Life Celebrant; with over 44 years experience in public life, will ensure that it is uniquely your own; an enriching, memorable experience.

Friendly, professional, reliable, helpful, approachable.

  • Civil, Marriage, Naming, Memorial & Funeral Celebrant
  • Commonwealth- Registered Marriage Celebrant
  • Manyana NSW. Australia – covering the South Coast to Sydney and out to Canberra & Goulburn

am your local Celebrant.

It is your ceremony so let’s design it together, hold it at the location of your choice and be guided by your imagination, hopes, dreams and wishes, and make it one you want to be at.

A Ceremony created by & with Lou Szymkow, A Life Celebrant; with over 44 years of experience in public life,  will ensure that it is uniquely your own; an enriching, memorable experience. We can confidently work together to ensure your ceremony will be exceptional. I love doing what I do. What I enjoy most about my experiences is meeting people and hearing each person’s own story. Everyone has a remarkable personal story and it is often amazing what can be learned. Sharing time with people is the greatest of experiences.

 +61 (0) 457 00 1922



A celebrant for all special occasions in your journey of life.

Your Life Events: Weddings, Unions & Commitments; Naming Ceremonies; Funerals, & More

ABN 68 182 565 852

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  • Emerald Award – for  contributions to Celebrancy internationally
  • Small Business Award (runnerup) 2019 & 2020
  • Steve Pasfield Award (runner-up) 2015
    • For contribution to corporate spirit, direction & development at a national training company
  • Talent2 International Sales Person Award June 2010
    • Highest sales internationally for June (exceeded 42 offices)
  • Certificate of Recognition (International Year of Volunteers) 2001
    • For service to The Mamre Project over many years
  • Community First Community Hero Award August 1999
    • By Community First Credit Union for service to Community
  • Guides Australia Supporters Badge September 1998
    • For support and services provided to Guiding movement
  • Achievement Trophy 1993
    • Blacktown City Flyers Ice Hockey Club for services to Australian Ice Hockey (featured in the well-known national magazine Inside Sport)


  • Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants 2017
  • Funeral Celebrants Association Conference 2017
  • VELG 2015 & 2016
  • NCVER 2015, 2016
  • ACPET 2015, 2016


  • Training Forums 2021
  • OPD 2020
  • OPD 2019
  • OPD 2018
  • LifeForce Suicide Prevention – (Wesley Mission 2018)
  • OPD 2017
  • Vocational & Community Engagement (TAFE 2017)
  • Social Media for Small Business (TAFE 2017)
  • Recognise & Respond to Domestic & Family Violence (TAFE 2017)
  • Connecting Across Cultures with Cultural Intelligence (2017)
  • Dying2Learn 2017 (Open Learning)
  • OPD 2016
  • Leadership (SVdP 2016)
  • Cert IV in Celebrancy (Academy of Celebrancy)    2015
  • Life Celebrations (Academy of Celebrancy)  2014/2015
  • Accidental Counsellor 2015
  • Funeral Celebrancy (Academy of Celebrancy)   2014
  • Closing the Deal  – (Evolve EDU Pty Ltd) 2014
  • Cold Calling   2013
  • Getting a Grasp on Fair Trading (Australia)  (Talent2)  2012
  • OHS Compliance (Talent2)   2012
  • Brian Tracey Advanced Selling Skills 2012
  • Employment Services Certificate IV (MATI)   2008
  • Senior First Aid (St John’s Ambulance) May 2008
  • Mental Health Awareness (MATI)   2008
  • Business Management Certificate IV – 2007
Time Management (MATI) 6/2006
MS Outlook 2003 (MATI) 4/2006
Health & Safety Fundamentals (MATI) 21/02/2006
Manual Handling (MATI) Jan 2006
Certificate IV in Workplace Training & Assessing (MATI) Oct 2005
OHS Consultation Certificate (MATI) August 2005
Worksafe Smart Move (Retail Industry Module) 2004
Worksafe Smart Move (Primary Industry Module) 2004
Worksafe Smart Move (Health & Community Services Module) 2004
Worksafe Smart Move (Office & Business Services Module) 2004
Worksafe Smart Move (Hospitality Module) 2004
Worksafe Smart Move (Hairdressing Module) 2004
Worksafe Smart Move (General Module) 2004
Worksafe Smart Move (Building & Construction Module) 2004
OHS Construction Induction Certificate (Bob Pallister) 2004
Dealing with Difficult Clients (MATI) 2004
Occupational Health & Safety Changes (ASU) 2004
Suicide Counselling (Life Force) 2003
Youth Conferencing (Dept. Of Juvenile Justice) 2001
Indigenous Culture & Minorities (Dept. Of Juvenile Justice) 2001
Vinnies Van Training (SVdP) 2000 


  • Various poems (you’ll find some on this webpage)
  • Sales Made Simple For Celebrants (Training Resource) 2017
  • Sales is a Simple Science (Training Resource) 2016
  • Sales is a Science (Training Resource) 2015
  • Your Career – Your Future 2014

I am amazed that you are still reading


  • South Coast Coordinator for Australian Association fo Celebrants                 2021-2022
  • AFCC Moderator/Mentor to over 1100 Celebrants                 2017-2019
  • Member of SVdP 1996 to date 
    • Assisting disadvantaged at a personal level
  • Annual Charity Events MC (Mamre & others)                 1988 to 2014
    • Promote, with celebrities, the work of the Mamre Project at major functions that had attendance from 100 guest at the annual 100 Mile Dinner to 6000+ at annual fairs. Occasionally sharing the stage with celebrities such a Simon Marney and Costa Georgiatis or the cast of TV shows such as A Country Practice.
  • Adult Altar Server 1988 to Date
  • Honorary Justice Of The Peace 1981 to Date
    • a regular volunteer at the Library & shops
  • Created Christmas Dinners for over 120 in need             2004 & 2005
    • Worked closely with a local restaurant owner to create a wonderful Christmas celebration in the Outer West of Sydney
  • Vinnies Van Management Committee 2003
    • Updated, renovated, & advanced project utilising 800 volunteers to assist up to 120 homeless every night, 7 days a week
  • Vinnies Bread Run 2000
    • (created program to assist disadvantaged Households); Secured cooperation of local Woolworths; Delivered unsold fresh foods weekly to disadvantaged homes
  • Chairman of Australian Ice Hockey Championships 1993
    • Converted a failing tournament into most successful in over 20 years, secured sponsorship and television coverage. Created a turning point in ice hockey in Australia. Declined nominations for state & federal presidencies.
    • Was the subject of a 5 page feature article in InSport magasine.


This webpage and all of its contents were written for the purposes of copyright,  Created by Lou Szymkow,  for A Life Celebrant–Lou Szymkow, www.alifecelebrant.com.au,
© Copyright 2017; © Copyright 2018; © Copyright 2019; © Copyright 2020; © Copyright 2021; © Copyright 2022

A Life Celebrant
Civil, Marriage, Naming & Funeral Celebrant

Lou Szymkow – A Life Celebrant

The Celebrant of choice

Friendly, professional, reliable, helpful, approachable.

  • Civil, Marriage, Commitment, Naming & Funeral Celebrant
  • Commonwealth- Registered Marriage Celebrant
  • Manyana NSW. Australia – covering the Shoalhaven, South Coast to Sydney, and out to Canberra & Goulburn

 +61 (0) 457 00 1922    lou@alifecelebrant.com.au

A celebrant for all special occasions in your journey of life.

Your Life Events: Weddings, Commitments; Naming Ceremonies; Funerals, Memorials & More


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