Welcoming a new life with a Naming Ceremony is one of the most joyous events of your life.

A Life Celebrant – Lou Szymkow

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A celebrant for all special occasions in your journey of life.

A wonderful occasion, the arrival of new family members, deserves a wonderful ceremony.

It is an occasion for family and friends to recognise and celebrate the arrival of a baby, child, or even an adult, and officially welcome the new person into your family and circle of special friends; to wish them well through the journey of life.

A Ceremony created by Lou Szymkow, A Life Celebrant; with over 30 years’ experience in public life, will ensure that it is uniquely and authentically your own; an enriching, memorable experience.

Naming ceremonies are appropriate for anyone, at any age:

      • The arrival of a new baby
      • Celebrating in conjunction with a 1st birthday
      • Uniting of step or adopted children within a family 
      • Unification of blended families
      • Adult name change

These are all excellent opportunities and reasons, for a naming ceremony.

Naming ceremonies involve the important people in your child’s life and development.

There is an opportunity to invite other adults to play a strong and supportive role in your child’s life and development.

A Naming Ceremony or Baby Blessing does not require any religious content at all,  however, it can include a Baptism if requested.

Combining a birthday party and a Naming or Blessing ceremony can work very well, and during the Ceremony, you may choose to include a poem, inspirational readings, a ritual, or speech, or just a few positive words or actions, to add or enhance significance.

We can also include a Parental Blessing or Parental Vows.

If desired, we could even and combine this ceremony with a Marriage Ceremony, Renewal of Vows, house warming or any other incredible family event.

Rituals or symbolic gestures add strongly to the ceremony and could include:

        • a change of clothing (to symbolise the new),
        • washing of hands and feet,
        • lighting of candles,
        • Baptism or  blessings,
        • the planting of a seed or tree,
        • the making of promises,
        • unity rituals such as hand tree paintings, sand blending etc,
        • and lots more.

I have a list of suggestions and ideas for rituals are below on this page.

Certificates are presented to parents and other special people as a record of the occasion.

Though naming ceremonies are not a ‘Christening’ into a specific religious faith; Baptism, rituals of blessing, spiritual or religious significance can be included within limitation and do not prevent the child from participating in any other future denominational or religious ceremony.

Whilst the Naming Ceremony and accompanying documents don’t have any legal status, they are a wonderful welcoming celebration and family record.

I am comfortable in all social environments so feel free to call me any time to discuss. We can meet, discuss and plan.

I have a list of suggestions and ideas for rituals below on this page.

I am at your service and will travel as needed.

I’ll offer guidance where I can but more importantly, I will listen. I will ask questions but will also look for words, phrases, stories, images and your experiences that will offer me guidance in designing your ceremony.

A Life Celebrant – Lou Szymkow

Friendly, professional, reliable, helpful, approachable.

  • Civil, Marriage, Commitment, Naming & Funeral Celebrant
  • Commonwealth- Registered Marriage Celebrant
  • Manyana NSW. Australia – covering the Shoalhaven on the South Coast, to Sydney and out to Canberra & Goulburn

am your local Celebrant.

 +61 (0) 457 00 1922    lou@alifecelebrant.com.au



A celebrant for all special occasions in your journey of life.

Your Life Events: Weddings, Unions & Commitments; Naming Ceremonies; Funerals, & More

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Here a small sample of ideas and bits of information to help you plan your special day:

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This can occur at, and be a part of a Naming Ceremony.

If you are connected with a particular church, you may wish to speak to your Parish Priest or Minster, however, if you are not connected to a Church, but would still wish to include a Baptism in a Naming Ceremony, I am happy to do so.

A naming Ceremony, announces the person’s name to the world,  and is an induction into the family and extended family or community, while a Baptism is a ‘sacrament’ that symbolizes the acceptance of Jesus Christ into one’s life, in the belief that the child/person will forever be reconciled to God, and so a Baptism is a Religious ceremony involving various rituals.

The purpose of baptism is to give a visual testimony of a commitment to Christ and is the first step of discipleship (Acts 8:26-39).

Commonly performed in a Church at a font (bowl, fountain, bath or pond), by a Priest/Minister as part of the induction of the child or adult into that particular Christian Church, and so in to the local and greater Christian community. The Priest or Minister would use sacred oils (not baby oil), that have been blessed at Easter, and Holy Water (blessed water), to perform specific religious rituals.

However any person of Faith can perform a Baptism, and if you wish me to do so, I could even wear my Alb (a white over garment) for the ceremony.

If you don’t want a Baptism, but still want a religious context to the Naming Ceremony, we can do that.

The sponsors in this ritual for the child would be identified as ‘Godparents’ as they will offer spiritual and religious guidance.


(reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Birthstone)

Birthstones by Cultures

Month 15th- 20th century[17] U.S. (1912)[18] U.S. (2016) Britain & Australia


January garnet garnet garnet garnet serpent stone
February amethysthyacinthpearl amethyst amethyst amethyst chandrakanta
March bloodstone, jasper bloodstoneaquamarine aquamarinebloodstone aquamarinebloodstone Gold Siva-linga
April diamondsapphire diamond diamond diamondrock crystal diamond
May emeraldagate emerald emerald emeraldchrysoprase emerald
June cat’s eyeturquoiseagate pearlmoonstone pearlmoonstonealexandrite pearlmoonstone pearl
July turquoiseonyx ruby ruby rubycarnelian sapphire
August sardonyxcarnelianmoonstonetopaz sardonyxperidot peridotspinel peridotsardonyx ruby
September chrysolite[disambiguation needed] sapphire sapphire sapphirelapis lazuli zircon
October opalaquamarine opaltourmaline opaltourmaline opal coral
November topazpearl topaz topazcitrine topazcitrine cat’s-eye
December bloodstoneruby turquoiselapis lazuli turquoisezircontanzanite tanzaniteturquoise topaz

Birthstones by Zodiac

Sign Dates Stone
Aquarius 21 January – 18 February garnet
Pisces 19 February – 20 March amethyst
Aries 21 March – 20 April bloodstone
Taurus 21 April – 21 May sapphire
Gemini 22 May – 21 June agate
Cancer 21 June – 22 July emerald
Leo 23 July – 22 August onyx
Virgo 23 August – 22 September carnelian
Libra 23 September – 23 October chrysolite
Scorpio 24 October – 21 November beryl
Sagittarius 22 November – 21 December topaz
Capricorn 22 December – 21 January ruby

Birthstones by Birthday (day of the week)

While the term “birthday stone” is sometimes used as a synonym for birthstone, each day of the week is also assigned a unique gemstone and these assignments are distinct from the monthly assignments.[1]

Day of the Week Stone(s)
Sunday topazdiamond
Monday pearlcrystal
Tuesday rubyemerald
Wednesday amethystlodestone
Thursday sapphirecarnelian
Friday emerald, cat’s eye
Saturday turquoise, diamond

Candle Lighting – Naming Day Candle

    • naming day candles can be personalised with the child’s name or family and d decorated with a photo, date/time of birth, weight and length, or maybe a poem used at the ceremony. The parents, grandparents or sponsors (Godparents) light the candles, making wishes and promises for the child. The candle can be used at all special events in the child’s life such as birthdays, graduations, marriage etc.

Candle Lighting – Memorial Candle

    • If there is a beloved family member who is no longer with us, the ritual lighting of a candle and its display, can offer that presence and memory.

Casting Of Hands Or Feet

A cast can be made of the child’s hands or feet before of during the ceremony.

If made before, it can be unveiled but if made during the ceremony, becomes an intricate part of the event though rehearsal may be required to ensure confidence and success.

The entire family and even guests, can also take part.

  • A mould of the hands or feet can be made beforehand and plaster nor other substance poured into the mould during the ceremony.
  • A small or large tile of plaster can be poured and all can press their hands or feet into the substance

The necessary ingredients can be purchase on-line or at craft stores but quality of material should always be checked for safety.

Ceremony Theme

    • base the ceremony around the meaning of your child’s name, the flowers of their birth month, etc. or include a favourite theme such as fairies, trains, trucks, or a favourite TV show or book.

Balloon or Bubble Release

  • a symbol of freedom and aspiration to encourage your child’s spirit to bloom and grow, but there are legal restrictions on the type and number of balloons as well as environmental concerns.
  • If however the balloons are released inside a hall, they can be captured after the event and kept as mementoes without environmental harm.
  • An environmentally safe balloon option is the use of dancing inflatables.
  • A great alternative to balloons is a battery-operated bubble blowing machine that releases bubbles made from harmless detergents and water and which disappear on impact, leaving nothing behind. Machines are available cheaply from online stores.

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Butterfly Release

    • a symbol of change and beauty
    • Not always available and subject to seasons & weather conditions as Butterflies hibernate when cold & so may not be available for release during winter.

Clothing Change

    • white is a symbol of purity and of new life
    • a white satin gown can be placed over clothing or replace it, in a ritual
    • strips or ribbons from that gown can be used in future events such as coming of age, graduation, debut, wedding etc.

Donation Box

    • If a special charity has an impact on the life of the child, a Charity Donation Box can result in a donation being made in the child’s name to that Charity and a Certificate procured

Dove Release

    • a worldwide symbol for peace and freedom.
      • not advisable if you in the mountains or near hawk nests

Flowers – Birth Month Flowers And Their Meanings

Month Australia AustraliaSymbolisation UK Flower UK Symbolisation USA Flower USA Symbolisation
January Carnation


Guinea Flower

Love, fascination and distinction

Strength & endurance

Carnation[2] Love, fascination and distinction. Carnation


fascination, distinction, love
February Violet


Cut-leaf Daisy

modesty, innocence, stability, sympathy and cheerfulness Violet[3]


Faithfulness, Wisdom and Hope, Loyalty. Violets come in shades of Purple & White.

Iris symbolises Royalty, Faith, Wisdom, Hope & Valour

Primrose modesty, distinction, virtue,
March 1.   Daffodil

2.   Jonquil

3.   Native Rhododendron

1.   Domestic Happiness, Respect, Regard and Friendship, new beginnings.

2.   Desire, domestic bliss as well as friendship

3.   Caution

Daffodil[4] Spring, Rebirth, Domestic Happiness, Respect, Regard and Friendship, new beginnings. Daffodil spring, rebirth, domestic happiness, vanity
April Daisy

Sweet Pea

Native Violet

Faithfulness, Wisdom and Hope, Loyalty.

Love, Youth, Purity, Innocence

Sweet Pea


Love, Youth, Purity, Innocence Sweet pea good-bye, or blissful pleasure
May Lily Of The Valley


Pink waxflower

Humility, Chastity, and Sweetness, a return to happiness


Lily of the Valley Humility, Chastity, and Sweetness, a return to happiness. Hawthorn

Lily of the Valley

happiness, humility, sweetness
June Rose


Payne’s Thryptomene

·  love, gratitude, appreciation

·  made small-humble

Rose (Depending on colour), Love, Appreciation, Passion, Beauty and Perfection, innocence, purity, and remembrance. Rose


love, gratitude, appreciation
July Larkspur

Water Lily

Dampiera Diversifolia

Levity and Lightness.

Colour, contrariness, a happy nature, a first love (Purple), Strong bonds of love.

Explorer, diversity

Larkspur (Depending on colour),

Levity and Lightness.

Colour, contrariness, a happy nature, a first love (Purple), Strong bonds of love.

Water Lily


joyful, fickleness, sweet
August Gladiolus


#Brown Boronia

Strength of character[5], Moral Integrity, Remembrance, Infatuation, honour.

#Service & healing

Gladiolus Strength of character[5], Moral Integrity, Remembrance, Infatuation, honour. Poppy


moral integrity
September Aster

Morning Glory

Gum Blossom#

daintiness, love, magic

#purity, healing



Patience, Daintiness and Remembrance, deep emotional love and affection. Morning Glory


daintiness, love, magic
October 1.    Marigold

2.    Cosmos

3.    Callistemon ‘Harkness’

1.    Warm, Fierce, exemplifies elegance and devotion.

2.    orderly, beautiful, and ornamental

3.    beauty

Marigold Warm, Fierce, exemplifies elegance and devotion. Calendula


winning grace; protection; comfort; healing; lovable
November Chrysanthemum

Flannel Flower#

cheerfulness, friendship, abundance #playfulness, being carefree and spontaneous joy Chrysanthemum (Depending on colour) Compassion, Friendship, Joy. Red = Love,

White = innocence

Yellow = unrequited love.



cheerfulness, friendship, abundance
December 1.   Narcissus (paperwhite)

2.   Holly

3.   Christmas Bells

1. sweetness, self-esteem, vanity

2. renewal, immortality, rejuvenation

3. holy, truth, ward off negativity

Poinsettia Good Cheer, Success.

“You Are The Special One”



sweetness, self-esteem, vanity

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Guideparent or Godparent?

Often at a Naming Ceremony, one or any number of persons may be chosen through an agreement with the parents, to provide mentorship, guidance and support with love and affection, for all of the child’s life. It is one to whom the child can go, for advice, company, or support as an alternator in addition to, the parents.

At a Naming Ceremony, we might use the term GuideParent;

When a child is Baptised, this role is taken up by a person who also stands as a religious guide to the child in faith and Christian belief and so is termed a GodParent. 

If it is  Naming Ceremony, with no religious content, and there is no intent of religious guidance, it would, of course, be inappropriate to use the term Godparent.

Other words that can be used in place of GuideParent or GodParent are:

Adherent, Admirer, Advice-Giver, Advisor, Advocate, Arbitrator, Aunt, Authority, Believer, Benefactor, Carer, Champion, Coach, Companion Parent, Conductor, Confidante, Counsellor, Consultant, Defender, Devotee, Educator, Elder, Encourage, Enthusiast, Expert, Fan, Follower, Friend, Guardian, Guide, Guru, Helper, Influencer, Intercessor, Instructor, Leader, Life Protector, Light House, Mediator, Mentor, Moderator, Mystic, Patron, Nurturer, Protector, Prudent, Role Model, Sage, Solon, Spiritual Guide, Sponsor, Supporter, Teacher, Trainer, Tutor, Uncle, Village Elder, Wise One, etc.

Hand Tree

    • Using stamp pads or coloured paint, each guest stamps their handprint onto a tree shape on canvas or paper and can sign their names with an inspirational message.
    • An alternative is to have hand cut-outs (you can use photos) and each guest simply writes their message to decorate a tree and tree sculpture

Meaning of Name, Commemorative Certificate

    • This is a detailed, full colour, laminated certificate. The child’s name is displayed at the top of the certificate, along with the origin and meaning of the name.

Personalised Postage Stamps with A Photo of Your Child

    • for sending out the invitations or thank you notes.
    • https://auspost.com.au/parcels-mail/stamps/personalised-stamps

Photo Board

    • A collage of baby photos of all the special people in the child’s life’.

PhotoBooth or Instagram Frame

    • Make or hire an Instagram frame or Photobooth and create a box of fun dress-up
    • each guest’s fun photo can be uploaded to a page that the child and family will be able to look back to remember the fun and love

Image result for how to make a photo booth out of cardboard

Photo Signature Frame

    • frame a photo of your child with a large enough border for people to write on it. It becomes a beautiful reminder of the day and something you can hang in their room or the house.

Planting A Tree or Garden

    • guests help plant a tree and as they place dirt into the ground, they say a word/s expressing their wish for the child.
    • Native trees are best and can be selected to match the character or be the foundation of a future treehouse
    • Guest can all plant a seed or small plant making a colourful garden that will grow and evolve with the child

Poem or Reading

Religious Ceremony

(see also Baptism)

Prayers, Biblical Readings and other rituals can be included in a naming Ceremony and all will be asked to join in prayers and blessings.

Rose Petal Blessing

    • shower with rose petals.
    • each guest could write their name on a  petal which can be dried and framed into a collage

Signature Bear

    •  for guests to sign creating a permanent or playful memento of the day, and guests who attended.

Thank You/Memento Cards for Guests

    • cards can be given out individually or with party favours, or
    • can be mailed out a couple of weeks after the ceremony to thank your guests for giving of themselves in being part of your child’s special day.
    • Hand-made cards always have a personal significance and can include a photo of your child.

Treasure Box or Time Capsule

    • Can contain personal messages, cards, personal letters, gifts, coins, medals, crystals, newspapers or clippings, photos or small items of special significance.
    • It can be any item that will symbolise different positive wishes of love, peace, hope, learning or your wishes and dreams for the child.
    • The capsule/box can be sealed and stored or even buried but is usually presented to the child when they turn 16, 18 or 21; or
    • It can be prominently displayed as a constant reminder of the love shared on the special day.

Unity Bowl

In this tradition, sometimes accredited to early Europeans in Australia, each guest is given a stone to hold during the ceremony.

To symbolise their presence and support of the family, now and in the future, at the end of the Ceremony, guests place their stone in a bowl that the family will keep and display.

Different colours can be assigned  to friends and family.

Messages and/or names can be written on the stones.

Unity: Breaking Bread Ceremony

The family members each break a piece of bread or cake, and then each eats or feeds another, that piece.

The bread/cake can also be shared with family and friends so that each breaks off a piece or select persons, such as the grandparents, can distribute the pieces.

This not only symbolises a future as a family unit but traditionally also expresses the wish that the family should never go hungry and enjoy wealth and happiness

Unity: Candle/s Lighting

A prominent candle is lit from other candles and so unifying a flame, and in so doing, symbolises the unification of families, friends, hearts, loves or lives i.e. making all into one.

If the ceremony is outdoors, the Unity Candle can be housed in a lantern or vase to protect it from the wind but if indoors can still be housed in a vase or lantern or be placed on a pedestal, to accentuate the flame. It can be the larger of other candles, or can be higher, central candle; just so long as it is prominent.

The first smaller candles or tapers may be lit by grandparents or family members and handed to the parents who bring the flames together.

Another option is where all of the family or all guests are also given a candle each, and after the first candle is lit, the flame is passed along until all candles are alight, and then the parents together light their unity candle to symbolise that it is the unity of not just family, but of friends who are supporting the family.

      • Once the Unity Candle is lit, the others may be extinguished to symbolise the family’s lives are forever as one, or
      • Be left to surround the larger candle to show they remain individuals but are stronger and brighter together.

If you have a candle from earlier in life such as from your Baptism or Naming Ceremony, you may wish to use that for the occasion or you may wish to have a new ornamental candle personalised with your names and the date, as a keepsake.

Unity: Celtic Oathing Stone

The family place their hands on a stone during their parental vows to “set them in stone”.

They can hold a stone instead and other family members can be asked to either hold that stone or make a ‘vow’ in support of the child or family in a similar fashion either collectively or singularly.

Unity: Circling

The guest all ritually encircles the family in support.

Just as a wedding ring is a circle that represents the unbroken or never-ending commitment a couple makes when marrying, a family or love circle symbolises the never-ending love of the child and family.

Unity – Family Medallion ceremony

A Family Medallion ceremony is a method of recognition of children.

This is a great way to build a bond between step-parents and step-children as it is a medallion that can be worn or displayed and may include a family motto of unity.

Unity: Garland Ceremony or Lei Ceremony

Common in weddings in India and in Polynesia, the family members exchange garlands of flowers.

The offer of a garland represents a proposal and the receiving is an acceptance of the offering.

It also represents a new unity, and a blessing by nature and so can also symbolise fertility.

In Hawaiian weddings, the family members, and families, exchange leis, which represent the love and respect held for the other and the family unity.

Unity – Handfasting

Family members or loved ones can take part in a Handfasting with each supplying or cutting a ribbon.

Unity – Hand Tree

Using stamp pads or coloured paint, each family member, stamps their handprint onto a tree shape on canvas or paper and/or can sign their names with an inspirational message.

An alternative is to have hand cut-outs (you can use photos) and each family member simply writes their message to decorate a tree.

An alternative is creating or using a tree sculpture.

 Unity – Jigsaw

Using a symbolic image, or a family picture, have a jigsaw made (or make it yourself), and each family member can place a piece of the puzzle to make it a complete image.

Unity: Rose Ceremony 

A red rose is a symbol of love.

A simple exchange of roses can have a dramatic impact.

Samples are:

        • The family members exchange roses.
        • The families then also exchange roses,
        • the family members exchange roses with their extended families,
        • the family members exchange roses, then present their mothers with the roses.
        • Any or all of the above

Unity – Rose Petals

Family members and friends can write messages on rose petals and these can be placed into a jar and sealed, a vase for display, or used to form a picture, image or flower sculpture and so showing that the petals are all part of the one object.

Unity – Sand Ritual

Many families like to give their ceremony an added symbolism or significance.

A Sand Ceremony is especially significant if you grew up near, or met on a beach but can symbolise your union and the blending of a mixed family.

Similar to the water ceremony, the family members and extended family members, each pour different coloured sand into a glass creating either a unique pattern or a completed blending, and so symbolising the merging of many parts into one beautiful blend.

Chrystal or pebbles can be used to create more vibrant colours.

All can take turns to pour coloured sand or crystals into a glass ‘unity’ bottle, jar, vase, glass ornament or hollowed photo frames.

Each colour represents aspects of the lives of the family,  and the sand-filled vase becomes a symbol of a new life together, never being able to be separated again.

An alternative is to pour the sand onto wet paint or lacquer on a canvas and then seal it with another layer of lacquer and finally a glass cover.

Unity – Spices

If you have a passion for cooking together in the kitchen, you could consider blending a unique spice mix as part of your unity ceremony.

Unity – Stone & Objects

Unity can be symbolised by the bringing together of any items to form a single new item.

There are some samples below but you need not be limited by these as any item/s such as petals, leaves, stones, coloured paper, string etc. can all be used to form a shape, decoration, picture or sculpture.

It can be as complex as a tetrahedron structure or as simple and colourful as a hand tree painting.

Think of what has meaning to yourselves.

Unity: Treasure Box, Time Capsule

This will serve as a lasting reminder of the commitments and of the wishes of support, and hopes guest that family have for the child.

Each can write a letter, poem, or notes that can be placed in the box or capsule.

Lock it away or put it on public display, but reopen it on special occasions such as milestone birthdays.

Unity – tree or garden planting

Obviously this is best if held at your own home so that you can receive the benefit for years to come but a pot can be used instead and later transported.

some circumstances allow other locations:

      • Family and/or friends can help plant a tree and as they place dirt into the ground, they say a word/s expressing their wish for your future. (Native trees are usually best)
      • Guests & family can all plant a seed or a small plant making a colourful garden that will grow and evolve as a reminder of your special day.
      • the tree or plant can be placed into a pot for later transfer.
      • if the Ceremony is to be held in a commercial venue or public garden or grounds, talk to the gardeners as the venue may or may not allow a tree planting in the grounds.

Unity: Truce Bell

A bell has since ancient times to draw attention to an important act and even to been used to expel ill will or demons.

A bell can be rung by the Celebrant, the family, and/or extended family members to announce the union of joy and/or to cleanse the area.

The bell can later be placed on display in the centre of the family home.

Unity: Water Ceremony

The family and family members each pour different coloured waters or liquids into a single container, creating a new colour.

Video Record

All guests can be recorded expressing their wishes or thoughts and the recording can be replayed at special events in the child’s life such as birthdays, graduations, marriage, etc.

Wishing Well & Cards

guests write their wishes & dreams for the child on a note, orthey each write a letter, and place it into a wishing-well for the parents to read and keep for the child who can read them in years to come.

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A celebrant for all special occasions in your journey of life.

Your Life Events: Weddings, Commitments; Naming Ceremonies; Funerals, Memorials & More


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