You will find loads of venues here. Not just for weddings but for all types of functions and events.

Many of the beaches on the South Coast are free to use and readily accessible, particularly around Manayana & Benadalong but there are also some great venues away from the beach such as Bewong River Retreat which you will find listed under SOUTH COAST & SHOALHAVEN.

Listings below for the South Coast will grow as I only moved to the beautiful Manyana in May 2021 and am slowly building up the listings so you will still find many for the Blue Mountains to Sydney because  I was based in Sydney for much of my life and am still booked there for Ceremonies despite couples havening to pay the extra for my travels and accommodation, however, I am adding extra locations/venues and categories gradually through 2022.

I have not rated any venues as your preference is far more important than mine and so the first section includes some of my suggestions on criteria to help you make your decision.

If you don’t find what you are looking for, let me know and I will add more according to your criteria. Depending on facilities or history, some venues will be in more than one category.

 +61 (0) 457 00 1922

A celebrant for all special occasions in your journey of life.

Your Life Events: Weddings, Unions & Commitments; Naming Ceremonies; Funerals, & More

How do I choose our Venue?

You are on this page because you haven’t yet decided on your venue, or you want to decide if you have made the right choice.
There are lots of options and so this page should help but let’s start with the basic factors to help make a decision.

1.    The Date

Before anything else, you MUST make a list of preferred dates but be willing to compromise if necessary.
You may find that your first choice of venue and/or vendors is not available and so you might have to change dates to secure your preferred providers however also make certain that you leave enough time for all of your party to prepare.

2.     Budget

The average cost of a wedding in Australia is currently around $45,000. Do you want to spend that much or more?

Even if you can afford that amount, set your budget. If you cannot afford that, it is even more important to set your budget.

So, the next big step is to decide on a total figure and then to boldly stick to it!

Create a spreadsheet and keep track of your budget at every expenditure.

Decide on who will pay? Will it be your Parents, yourselves, your guests (BYO/Gifting), or a combination of any of all of the above?

And did I mention that once you set a final figure, you MUST stick to it?
N.B. Little extras and extra guest numbers can blow the budget by $Ks and so best to have a little stowed away in contingency for the unexpected.

3.     Guest Numbers

Deciding who you really want to share your special day with can be a point of great anxiety and so you need to be confident in your selves and in your decisions. Be bold but be wise.

the budget alone may dictate guest numbers but if you have a venue in mind, the budget, design, or location might limit guest numbers, otherwise, decide on the number of guests you want to join in on the Celebration and look for a venue that will accommodate that number within your budget.

Questions you might ask yourself are:

      1. Who are the important people in my life?
      2. Who loves me?
      3. Who do I love?
      4. Are they a part of my/our life?
      5. When we became engaged, who did we want to rush to tell?
      6. Do I really want that person to be with me on my most precious of nights?
      7. Do I want to buy a four-course dinner for that person at an expensive restaurant?
      8. Can I afford to buy them dinner?
      9. Do I truly enjoy their company?
      10. Would I/we be offended if they didn’t invite me to their wedding?
      11. Do I want them to be a part of our life after marriage?
      12. Will we see them again, and do we care?

Consider how many guests you are allocating to each of your families but don’t expect the number to necessarily be even. You or your partner might have a larger family and/or social circle.

Whoever is paying the bill will usually have the greatest say (or insist they have) but family members will also often insist on some extended family or friends who might be on your ‘Optional’ lists or might not have even made the list at all. Some confidence and strength may be required to ensure you stick to your limits.

Children: Some guests may be expecting to bring their children so let them know if children are included so that babysitters can be arranged if needed.

Make a list of everyone you want to invite but break the entire list down into A, B, & C, but be bold and be certain.

Many couples, especially considering the pandemic, stick strictly to the ‘A’ group. So here is your ABC:

A)  Always: Must Attend

      • You MUST have to have two witnesses for the ceremony. Choose those first.
      • Consider your budget.
      • The ‘Must Attend’ list will often include parents, grandparents, siblings, closest friends and other loved ones etc.

B).  Besties: Family & friends

      • These are all the other family members including siblings, cousins, aunts/uncles, Godparents, and good friends that you may only see now and again but who might be expecting an invite, etc.

C). Could be’s: Optional Guests.

      • This might include business associates, work colleagues, distant relatives, or the ‘plus ones’ of family or friends.
      • Go down the lists and ask yourself  “Do I know them?” and “Would I be offended if I wasn’t invited to their wedding?” If the answer is yes, then it might be best to include them, but if no, consider taking them off the list.

4.     Style

Decide what style of wedding you want.
Is it to be:

    • a lavish affair with a carriage & a cavalry escort leading to a castle,
    • a mountain or beach retreat
    • Intimate with just witnesses
    • a barbeque in the backyard or
    • a beach safari?
    • a themed wedding

Consider if the venue does have a suitable space for the ceremony, photographs and reception, or do you want the ceremony, photographs, and Reception at separate locations?

5.     Catering

Will you feed your guests and if so, what type of meal?

    • sit down or stand-up
    • buffet or grazing,
    • cocktail or canapes,
    • barbeque,
    • set menu,
    • a la carte, etc..

TIP: don’t forget to count yourselves, witnesses and vendors in catering numbers.

6.     Location or Destination

Will the ceremony and the reception be at the same place?
Do you want them both very close to home or close to a  specific destination such as an island or favourite site?
Close to home, could possibly reduce your expenses by excluding travel & accommodation for you and for your guests while a ‘destination’ wedding might require airfares and accommodation (who will pay for that?).

7.     Accommodation

Will you and your guests stay at or near the venue and where will you retreat to, or stay, after the Ceremony & Celebrations.

What will that cost and who will pay for it?

Having a venue that provides accommodation can be very convenient.

8.    Music and Dancing

Is the venue suitable? Is there room?

9.     Availability & Date

Is your chosen venue actually available for the date you want?

10.  Safety

This was not a concern in previous years but the pandemic has made us all more aware and so you might wish to ensure that the venue is aligned with your values.



The South Coast of NSW, extending from Wollongong down to the Victorian border cover some 570klms and around 200 beaches and countless venues.

The majority of beaches along this incredible and beautiful stretch are managed by:

To slightly simplifier the choices, I have separate headings for each below

But you will also find a few tips.


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Your wedding ceremony could be held in an idyllic location, surrounded by the natural beauty of our reserves and bushlands, sparkling beaches, beautiful headlands and tranquil waterways.

There are over 100 magnificent beaches on the south coast of NSW and  7 are within a few minutes of my home in Manyana.

Some beaches are operated by National Parks but there are over twenty (20) picturesque parks and reserves in the Shoalhaven region that are maintained or supervised by the Shoalhaven City Council.

Kangaroos, King Parrots, Rosellas, Oysters Cathers, and Kookaburras are frequently sighted.

Both National Parks and the Shoalhaven City Council have their own booking process.

You will find details of the National Parks under a separate heading below.

Shoalhaven is a huge area spanning from north of Nowra to Batemans Bay and so travel times can vary. The journey to Mantana however is about:

  • Sydney – about three (3) hour drive south
  • Canberra – a two-and-a-half-hour drive north of about 200 kilometres
  • Wollongong – 1½ hour drive south

There are twelve (12) medium function locations that accommodate 50 to 100 people and nine (9) large function locations that accommodate over 100 people.

The Council only permits one ceremony per day at each location.


Eurobodalla Shire Council
Yuin Country
Corner of Vulcan & Campbell streets, Moruya
PO Box 99 Moruya NSW 2537
T: 4474 1000

Eurobodalla Shire boasts 83 beaches, four major river systems and lakes, and many islands and estuaries are all occupied by a rich variety of sea, bird and animal life.

It has 110 kilometres of coastline which includes the Batemans Marine Park and 3,400 square kilometres of land. More than 80 per cent of the land is either national park or state forest.

You can choose a Eurobodalla Shire Council venue here

For beaches in the National Parks, go to the BEACHES & VENUES IN NATIONAL PARKS

Just remember that there may be travel costs involved for the Celebrant which could be added to your Ceremony costs.

Secure your Eurobodalla Council booking

To secure a booking, start by contacting the Booking Office to discuss your needs and check availability for your preferred venue. We also encourage you to review the terms and conditions of hire before you proceed to booking. Once you have confirmed dates, complete and submit the public venue hire form.

You’ll find the form and terms and conditions document in the Downloads section at the end of this page.

Eurobodalla Council’s booking office is open 8.30am to 4pm Monday to Friday to take your booking and assist with venue hire enquiries.

Eurobodalla Council Downloads

Cost of Eurobodalla Council venue hire

Fees and charges apply for the hire of all Eurobodalla Council venues. You’ll find venue hire costs listed in Council’s fees and charges document under Public Buildings on page 27. The Booking Office can also provide you with fees and charges information.

Weddings on Eurobodalla’s beaches

Planning a beach wedding? There are no charges to hold your ceremony at one of Eurobodalla’s beaches, reserves or parks, but we do ask you to register your plans with Eurobodalla Council’s Booking Office and to follow a few simple guidelines.

To register complete and return the Wedding Ceremony on Public Land form:-

Guidelines for weddings on beaches and reserves

Please keep in mind that we don’t grant exclusive access to public recreation space and ask you and your guests to comply with the following guidelines:

  • Adhere to all NSW Government restrictions.
  • Equipment limits are: 1 pop-up marquee (max. 6m x 3m), 1 table and up to 30 chairs.
  • Carry all your items to and from the site. Vehicles are not allowed on beaches or reserves.
  • Limit your event to no more than 3 hours (including set up and pack up).
  • Confetti or rice is not permitted. Rose petals are acceptable.
  • Please leave the area in a clean and tidy condition.
  • Guests must comply with all other sign posted regulations in the area
  • You cannot hold your reception on public land.
  • You cannot climb on Eurobodalla Council buildings or structures (play equipment excepted).

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We live in a beautiful country and there are so many natural and historical sites in National Parks to choose from for a wedding venue.

NSW national parks and reserves have many unique and beautiful venues for hire, ranging from islands to old pastoral homesteads and of course many, many beaches. Each park offers a range of different settings and experiences.

The south coast offers 400klms of coastline, pristine as well as tracked bushland, historic sites and so much more.

Most of the information about having a wedding ceremony in a NSW National Park or Reserve can be found here –

Find out more about a National Parks Venue via these links:

How to apply – Fees & Application form

The assessment and approval process for events is managed by the relevant local park office and National Parks regard anything under 150 people to be a “small scale event” and most Wedding ceremonies and private functions such as birthday parties generally fit into this category.

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service undertakes an assessment of all events to limit any impacts on the natural, historic and cultural values of the park, park management operations, other park users and the surrounding community.

  • An application form can be submitted up to 12 months before the event date.
  • Any application form submitted less than 15 business days prior to the event may not be approved and will incur fees for late submission.
  • The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to waive late submission fees at any time.

For groups of less than 40 people, check with the local NSW National Parks and Wildlife (NPWS) office if an Application Form is still required as they have the discretional authority to waive the requirement. 

This is the process National Parks recommends:

Public  Liability  Insurance

National Parks may require you to provide a copy of an insurance certificate for  Public  Liability  Certificate for  $20 million, with the Department of Planning  Industry and  Environment listed as an interested party.   (Requirement for low and high impact events).

You may wish to check with your existing insurer in case you already have a blanket cover, or you may prefer insurance for a single event.

I did a search and found at least one group that offers one-off event public & products liability insurance, for one-off events such as weddings and family celebrations. I have no connection to the insurer and have not checked their reviews but know you can apply for a quotation on their website –
It is a simple process that takes less than 5 minutes and provides a quote instantly.
Should you have any questions or queries please contact them direct:

Emma Window | Account Broker | Local Community Insurance Services |
Level 1, 148 Frome Street, Adelaide  SA 5000
LCIS:  1300 853 800 | t: +618 8235 6496

However for groups of less than 40 people, check with the local NSW National Parks and Wildlife (NPWS) office if an application is still required as they have the discretional authority to waive the requirement and if they waive the application, the insurance requirement would also seem to be unnecessary. 

Whilst as a Celebrant. I hold Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurances, those insurances only cover the liability of the Celebrant and so not the entire function, couple & guests.
Event organisers should therefore obtain their own insurance.

NOWRA (Shoalhaven)

South Coast Branch – NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service
104 Flat Rock Rd, West Nowra NSW 2541
T 02 4428 6363

The Nowra office looks after these locations/venues:

MERIMBULA (Sapphire Coast – Far South Coast)

NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service – Sapphire Coast Area
Cnr Sapphire Coast & Merimbula Drives Merimbula 2548
T 02 6495 5000

Prohibited in National Parks

National Parks are a balance between preservation/conservation and public access. As such, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service undertakes an assessment of all events to limit any impacts on the natural, historic and cultural values of the park, park management operations, other park users and the surrounding community. Some activities are not consistent with the operation of a National Park and the following have been prohibited:

Balloons, plant materials and animals

    • Balloons, plant materials and animals are not permitted, including:
      • Decorations consisting of flowers or plant materials that contain seeds or vines and exotic plant materials
      • Throwing confetti, rice, petals or streamers
      • Balloons
      • Candles or open flames
    • Horse-drawn carriages are not permitted at some venues.
    • Tents, marquees and banners may not be permitted.
    • Signage or cordon off structures or areas may not be permitted.
    • Ice must not be disposed of on grassed areas as it may cause damage.


Flying recreational drones is prohibited at Strickland House because it’s located within 5.5km of an airfield or helicopter landing site.
The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) states that drones should not be flown within 30m of vehicles, boats, buildings or people, or within 5.5km of an airfield. Drones can also impact on public enjoyment and privacy, interfere with park operations, and may pose a threat to wildlife in some areas. For more information, see the Drones in Parks policy.
Contact the local office to obtain consent if you wish to fly a drone for commercial filming or photography purposes.


Pets and domestic animals (other than certified assistance animals) are not permitted. Find out which regional parks allow dogs and see the pets in parks policy for more information.


NSW national parks are no-smoking areas.


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Booderee Botanic Gardens/ Booderee National Park

Booderee Botanic Gardens
Cave Beach Road
Village Rd, Jervis Bay
JBT 2540 Australia

Telephone: (02) 4429 7444
Fax: 02 4442 1011

Primary Email:

Booderee Botanic Gardens is located at Jervis Bay on the Australian east coast, and is the only Aboriginal-owned botanic gardens in Australia. The gardens, which are part of Booderee National Park, are jointly managed between the Wreck Bay Aboriginal Community Council and the Australian Director of National Parks. They include a unique setting of cultivated areas surrounded by natural bushland. The living collections contain more than 1,000 species of plants, all Australian native, most of them from South East Australia. The quintessential Australian tree, the eucalypt, is represented by no less than 100 different species, which, together, with many other forest and rainforest tree species makes for a valuable tree collection.

The Booderee Botanic Gardens (formerly the Jervis Bay Botanic Gardens) covers an area of 80 hectares including both natural vegetation and cultivated sections surrounding Lake McKenzie, a natural freshwater lake.

Established in 1951 as an annex of the Australian National Botanic Gardens (ANBG), its purpose was to provide frost-free growing conditions for plants unsuited to Canberra’s climate. In 1995 the Gardens, along with the Jervis Bay National Park, were handed back to the local Wreck Bay Aboriginal Community Council and renamed Booderee National Park in 1998. The Gardens were subsequently proclaimed as part of the Park in 2000.

Booderee is now jointly managed by the Wreck Bay Aboriginal Community Council and the Director of National Parks under a 99 year lease agreement established in 1995.

Booderee National Park features extraordinary native wildlife and is adorned with expansive botanic gardens. Crystal-clear waters meet beautiful white sand beaches, while high cliffs overlook the majestic Pacific Ocean.

You need a park pass to experience the cultural and natural marvels of Booderee National Park.

Being a National Park:

  1. The couple has to lodge an event application to secure a permit to hold their ceremony
    1. Submit a permit application here.
    2. The Celebrant must also have a permit to conduct business within the park
  2. Register for an online services account on this webpage.
    1. Submit a permit application here.
  3. For wedding guests, admission to the gardens is included in the entry fee for Booderee National Park.
For each: 2-day Day Pass 1 Year Pass 2 Year Pass
Vehicle (including motorcycle) – adult rate $13.00 per pass $51.00 per pass $76.00 per pass
Second vehicle (including motorcycle) – adult rate (vehicle must be registered to the same address) Not applicable $25.50 per pass $38.00 per pass
Vehicle (including motorcycle) – concession rate $6.50 per pass $25.50 per pass $38.00 per pass
Second vehicle (including motorcycle) – concession rate (vehicle must be registered to the same address) Not applicable $12.50 per pass $19.00 per pass
walkers and cyclists Free entry for walkers and cyclists do not need to buy a park pass if entering the park on foot or by bicycle.
boat operators Visitors arriving in the park by boat need to pre-purchase a park pass online.

If you are passing through Booderee waters without using any park facilities or services then you do not have to buy a pass.

Camping fees Fees apply to camp at the Green Patch, Bristol Point or Cave Beach camping areas.

Find out more about camping at Booderee


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We certainly do live on an island and are surrounded by incredible beaches.

A beach wedding can be magnificent but be prepared so as to ensure it is as wonderful as you imagined.

I surveyed Celebrants who helped me create this list of considerations to help make sure your beach wedding, a great success.


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(see also Botanical Gardens and Lennox Bridge)

Blue Mountains Information & Booking Form

You can click here to open and download the information booklet from the  Blue Mountains Council – Application & Wedding Directory

Popular Blue Mountains Locations

The following are some of the more popular venues used for Wedding Ceremonies:

Blue Mountains location UBD Reference
Glenbrook Park, Glenbrook Map 37 M16
Buttenshaw Park, Springwood Map 25 P2
Corridor of Oaks, Faulconbridge Map 25 J2
Wentworth Falls Lake, Wentworth Falls Map 21 G7
Leura Cascades, Leura Map A P10
Bridal Veil Lookout, Leura Map A P11
Gordon Falls Lookout, Leura Map 30 H2
Honeymoon Lookout, Katoomba Map A M16
Kingsford Smith Park, Katoomba Map A H4
Civic Place Park, Katoomba Map A G2
Blackheath Memorial Gardens, Blackheath Map 7 E8
Blackheath Park and Pool, Blackheath Map 7 G9
Neat Park, Blackheath Map 7 E11
Mt Victoria Park, Mt Victoria Map 2 H5
Cathedral of Ferns, Mt Wilson, Mt Irvine Rd

The Old Farm   

35 Purvines Road, Winmalee (Yellow Rock)
0414 279 805

Please contact Ross and  Robin  Ingram to talk about how The Old Farm can be the backdrop for your special celebration.

The Old Farm, in the heart of the lower mountains…

Located in a quiet rural setting with extensive parking onsite, the wedding venue is a tranquil private location with year-round garden colour.
The property features numerous ponds with water features, a wisteria walk, a winter tea house, shaded woodland garden, magic springtime flowering bulbs and blossoms, pergolas, paved courtyards, a dam and jetty.
The Old Farm can be booked for a length of time to suit your needs. The property can be booked for your wedding ceremony, and/or your wedding photo location and it can also be booked for your wedding reception if required.
The function room can seat up to 90 – 100 guests, has lighting, power and a sound system.
Smaller wedding parties may prefer to hold the reception at their favourite restaurant. The gardens can also be booked for photos only, if you have a favourite church for your ceremony.

We invite you to make an appointment and wander the grounds – you’ll discover the perfect spot for your celebration in gardens as unique as you are!
The gardens can be booked for day or evening weddings and functions. Please contact Robin and Ross to talk about how The Old Farm can be the backdrop for your special celebration.
The Old Farm can be used as the blank canvas where you create your masterpiece based around your own theme.
Your special event can be as casual or formal as you like. Whether its intimate and close for small groups or many more we can help you with: tables and table decorations, chairs, celebrants or whatever you need!
Catering – finger food, buffet or a sit down meal from our preferred caterer.
Cost is by negotiation depending on your needs and all profits are donated to a designated charity.


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 Botanical Gardens & Parks – Auburn & Surrounds


·     Auburn Botanic Gardens

Corner of Chisholm and Chiswick Roads, AUBURN

Map of location

Ph: 02 9735 1222
Fax: 02 9643 1120

Web Site


·     Auburn Park

Hutchinson Street and Macquarie Road, AUBURN BOOK

·     Civic Park

Auburn Rd & Norval Street, AUBURN BOOK

·     RAAF Stores Park

Chisolm Road, AUBURN BOOK

·     Granville Memorial Park

Memorial Drive & Enid Avenue, GRANVILLE BOOK

·     Bright Park


·     Guildford Park


·     Remembrance Park

Joseph Street and,James Street, LIDCOMBE BOOK

·     Wyatt Park

49 Church Street, LIDCOMBE BOOK

·     Central Gardens

Corner of the Cumberland Highway and Merrylands Road, MERRYLANDS BOOK

·     Granville Park

 2 Montrose Avenue, MERRYLANDS BOOK

Holroyd Gardens

Corner of Walpole and Pitt Streets, MERRYLANDS

ph: 8757 9090

The eight-hectare Holroyd Gardens Nature Reserve is the perfect location for family gatherings or large outdoor celebrations. It is located at the corner of Walpole and Pitt Streets, Merrylands.


  • Three sheltered areas with picnic tables and benches
  • Three covered electric BBQs
  • Bicycle training track
  • Walking trails
  • Adventure playground with slides, a chain bridge, forts and climbing equipment
  • Accessible playground (including for those with special needs) which includes swings and climbing equipment
  • Rotunda
  • Parking is available from Walpole Street and pedestrian access is available from Pitt Street.

Opening hours

  • The Holroyd Gardens Nature Reserve is open from:
    • 7:30am to 5pm (Monday to Friday) and 9am-5pm (weekends) outside of daylight savings
    • 30am to 7.00pm (Monday to Friday) and 8am-7pm (weekends) during daylight savings
  • It is closed Good Friday and Christmas Day.

see also The Holroyd Centre

Weddings and special functions can be booked in the Holroyd Centre’s rotunda area, offering brides and grooms with exceptional opportunities for a picturesque photographic setting.

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Foundation and Friends of the Botanic Gardens

Cottage 6, Mrs Macquaries Road, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Phone: (02) 9231 8182
Fax: (02) 9241 3064

Blue Mountains Botanic Garden Mount Tomah

Bells Line of Road, Mount Tomah, NSW, 2758, Australia
Phone: (02) 4567 3000
Before 9.30 am and after 6.00 pm: (02) 9809 9222
24 hour ranger support (only call in event of emergency): 0428 118 563
Fax: (02) 4567 2037

For Restaurant/Kiosk 02 4567 2574


Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney
Mrs Macquaries Road, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Phone: (02) 9231 8111
24 hour ranger support (only call in event of emergency): 0419 270 279
Fax: (02) 9251 4403

Event Sound Hotline
Operational during event sound checks and event times: (02) 9231 8330

The Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan

Narellan Road, Mount Annan NSW 2567,  Australia
Phone: (02) 4634 7900
24 hour ranger support (only call in event of emergency): 0409 122 953
Fax: (02) 4645 6035


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This is an alphabetical list of cemeteries on the NSW South Coast


Bellawongarah General Cemetery Kangaroo Valley Road, Bellawongarah 2535
Berry General Cemetery Kangaroo Valley Road, Berry 2539
Conjola Cemetery Princes Highway, Conjola 2539
Coolangatta Cemetery Bolong Road, Coolangatta 2535
Crematorium Shoalhaven Memorial Gardens & Lawn Cemetery 349 Worrigee Road, Worrigee 2541
 Graham Family Cemetery Lyrebird Drive, Nowra 2541
Harley Hill Road Cemetery Beach Road, Berry 2539
Kangaroo Valley Cemetery Moss Vale Road, Kangaroo Valley 2577
 Morton Cemetery Brooman Road, Morton 2538
Nowra General Cemetery Kalandar Street, Nowra 2541
Numbaa Cemetery Comerong Island Road, Numbaa 2540
Old Worrigee Cemetery Greenwell Point Road, Worrigee 2540
Sandridge General Cemetery 45 Ocean Street, Mollymook 2539
Shoalhaven Memorial Gardens & Lawn 349 Worrigee Road, Worrigee 2541
 Tomerong Cemetery Pine Forest Road, Tomerong 2540
 Ulladulla Cemetery Princes Highway, Ulladulla 2539
 Warden Family Cemetery Croobyar Road, Croobyar 2539
West Cambewarra Cemetery Bangalee Road, West Cambewarra 2540
 Woodhill Cemetery Wattamolla Road, Woodhill 2535
 Yalwal Cemetery Yalwal Road, Yalwal 2540
 Yatte Yattah Cemetery Princes Highway, Yatte Yattah 2539


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Clubs NSW – Find Your Local Club

Most clubs have wedding reception areas & restaurants and are of course licensed to serve alcohol.

Many now have weddings planners and packages.

Some even have gardens or areas that may be suitable for a Ceremony as well as the reception.

You can search for your local club here


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Golf & Country Clubs Directories

  • Local & National Golf Clubs

Whilst the golfers among us love a hit, which may be described as a walk in a park following a little white ball, the reality is that every  golf course is a beautiful park and can be a great location for your wedding.

Beautiful scenery and lots of greenery.

To top that off, most have a licensed club house for the reception.

  • Whilst some individual gold courses are listed on this page, you can view an alphabetical list of golf clubs on the National Club Database [CLICK HERE]
  • To view a list of ACT & NSW Golf Clubs on Twitter [CLICK HERE]
  • To view a list of ACT & NSW Golf Clubs on Facebook [CLICK HERE]


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Community Halls Across Australia

Just enter your suburb and this great webpage will give you a list of the community halls available in your area.

Click here for Halls for Hire

Community Halls in the Nepean/Penrith district

Many halls in the Penrith City Council area and 3 have special wedding rooms.

Originally built in 1961 this much loved facility was fully refurbished in 2009. As Council’s premier facility this building features a large hall and stage, dressing rooms, meeting rooms, 3-phase power and a commercial kitchen.

1158-60 Castlereagh Road, Castlereagh
Built in 1895 and renovated in 2011, Castlereagh Hall is one of Council’s premier facilities. Steeped in history, the building was once the original Castlereagh Council Chambers and is part of the Penrith Valley Heritage Drive. The hall is a popular wedding venue.

    • Harold Corr Community Centre
    • Built in 1977 this facility remains one of Council’s larger function centres. It offers two air conditioned self-contained halls each with their own attractive outdoor entertaining areas.

Penrith Halls FAQs or contact Facilities Management on 4732 8021.

Fagan Park, Galston

Fagan Park, Galston
38-48 Arcadia Road, Galston NSW 2159
02 9847 6853 for more information.

History: Fagan Park was originally owned by the Fagan family and operated as an orchard and cattle farm. The site was donated by the Fagan family to the Department of Lands, with Hornsby Shire Council appointed as sole trustee for the park.T he park was adopted as Council’s bicentennial project and was officially opened in November, 1988.For more information download

 A History of Fagan Park – 85kb

Picnic shelters: Fagan Park has five large picnic shelters available for hire. The shelters are perfect for events such as family reunions, birthday parties, Christmas parties, school outings and company picnics.

Each booking costs $135 per day or part of a day.

Wedding photography: Fagan Park provides various stunning backdrops for your wedding photos. By making a booking, you are able to use any area or garden in Fagan Park, provided there is no function taking place in that location.
Wedding photo bookings are available between 8am and 3:30pm.
Arrangements can be made for bookings later in the afternoon, however this will require an additional fee.>> Check availability and/or book
Gardens for weddings: Fagan Park has many different gardens that are ideal for wedding ceremonies. They are available between 7am and 3:30pm and can be booked for two-hour blocks. They cannot be booked for other events.


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Abercrombie Ridge

7272 Taralga Road, Curraweela  NSW  2580
+61 405 632 009

At Abercrombie Ridge, your dream wedding can become a reality.

We offer exclusive use of the entire property for your entire booking.

The property boasts stunning views of the Great Dividing Range and Abercrombie River Valley and is surrounded by natural bush land and rolling hills.

The property provides a perfect country setting with endless photo opportunities of your special day whilst providing a beautiful backdrop for entertainment.

We provide the complete package for all Weddings

We are pleased to be able to provide a complete package to our guests who are looking to celebrate their Wedding at Abercrombie Ridge. 

 We believe in making your day special and  easy as possible. We’ve taken the stress out of the day so that you and your guests can enjoy the occasion.

Provide us with your details and select the ‘View Wedding Pack’ button below and the following information will be sent to you:

Pricing for the Venue Hire;

      • The Wedding Ceremony options;
      • Afternoon canapes and drinks options; and
      • Evening reception options.

Cornwallis House

Cornwallis House  ‘Our Little Secret’
45 Cordner Lane
Cornwallis NSW 2756
Angelo or Alannah on (02) 4577 6535
or After Hours on 0423 623 916

We have a secret and we welcome you to share in its magic.

Hire the house for just 8 people or the house and grounds for weddings parties of up to 120 hidden among the orange groves, on the banks of the Hawkesbury River.

There lays a little secret “Cornwallis House”, the ideal luxury retreat for those looking to escape.
Cornwallis House is a grand two-storey, architect-designed house, built in the traditional Queenslander style, and is the perfect place for your next short stay, milestone celebration or romantic getaway.
Every room has French doors that open out to the wraparound verandah offering 360-degree views of the calming Hawkesbury River.
Designed for luxurious entertaining, Cornwallis House provides 3 King Size bedrooms and 1 Queen size bedroom, each with its own private en-suite.
Cornwallis House provides space and privacy in a charming rural setting. It is a great place to experience all that the Hawkesbury region has to offer.
Accommodation packages are all based on a minimum 2 night stay, however you can stretch your weekend further by adding additional nights or by taking advantage of our lazy late check out option.
Only a 3 minute drive from historic Windsor and just 1 hour from Sydney CBD, Cornwallis House  is the perfect place to celebrate your next milestone, girls getaway or short break.  Come and find our little secret. Discover Cornwallis House for yourself.


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The Holroyd Centre & Holroyd Gardens

11-17 Miller Street, Merrylands NSW
ph: 02 8757 9090

Email Click here

View our Wedding Reception Packages Click Here
Contact our Events Team to book your special wedding day with us

see also Holroyd Gardens as a packages are available. 

Wedding Reception

“The only place to be for your Wedding Reception”

Your Western Sydney Wedding journey begins at the Holroyd Centre.

You and your life partner will create lasting memories when you step through the impressive glass frontage into the enormous Grand Foyer, with its magnificent chandelier and sweeping wrought-iron stair case. Our grand foyer, private courtyard and majestic staircase provide perfect opportunities and locations for your wedding photos.

How to start your Wedding Reception celebration at the Holroyd Centre:

  • The best way to impress your guests and begin your Wedding Reception is to have pre-dinner drinks and canapes served by professional waitstaff under the towering domed ceiling
  • Continue the festivities in an individually themed and elegantly set reception room prepared by The Holroyd Centre Functions & Events team.

Rest assured every detail has been taken care of and our renowned Executive Chefs have prepared a delicious culinary experience.

They have packages for the Holroyd Gardens and so you have the option of a Ceremony and Reception at The Holroyd Centre, or a perhaps a ceremony at the garden rotunda followed by the indoor ceremony at The Holroyd Centre.

As I am on their preferred celebrant list, You can even contract me through The Holroyd Centre utilising one of their packages and you get me at a discount on my services. Just make sure you tell them where you got their details.

Here is what you do next:

STEP 1: Phone the Holroyd Centre on 9840 9900 for venue availability.

STEP 2: Choose your package.

STEP 3: Complete the Booking Form and Wedding Ceremony Venue Hire Agreement And Booking Form 2018 

STEP 4: Return your forms in person at Holroyd Centre, 11-17 Miller Street, Merrylands or via email together with the required deposit or full payment as per the terms and conditions of hire.

Entrata Restaurant 

Entrata Restaurant 
143 Glenhaven Road, Glenhaven, 2156
02 9899 5608

Crowne Plaza Hawkesbury Valley –(Windsor)

61 Hawkesbury Valley Way
Windsor NSW 2756
Ph: +61 02 4577 4222
Fax: +61 02 4577 6939

Loxley on Bellbird Hill, Kurrajong Hills 

Loxley on Bellbird Hill, Kurrajong Hills
993 Bells Line Of Road
Kurrajong Hills NSW 2758
(02) 4567 7711

Mulgoa Valley Receptions – (Mulgoa)

Mulgoa Valley Receptions     
1440 Mulgoa Road, Mulgoa NSW 2745
0433 927 557

Novotel Sydney Norwest

Novotel Sydney Norwest
1 Columbia Court, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153,
Phone +61 02 9634 9634 
Wedding Coordinator, call now on (02) 9634 9634 or email

Whether you’re looking to hold a garden wedding ceremony or a romantic wedding reception, Novotel Sydney Norwest has beautiful venues available to you. Our most famous outdoor venue is our garden where you can exchange wedding vows before hosting your reception in the Novotel Sydney Norwest pillarless ballroom.

Oakville House – (Oakville)

Oakville House, Oakville
213 Old Stock Rte Rd,
Oakville NSW 2765
4572 3163 / 0404 879 069

Ottimo House
1800 688 466

Nestled amongst stunning surrounds, Ottimo House can ensure the success of any wedding or event.
A team of professionals pride themselves on outstanding service and will do everything to ensure your special day or conference is memorable, relaxed and successful.
No wedding is complete without a gourmet dining experience. Let our Executive Chef and his team create, cook and deliver your perfect wedding menu

Two locations, each with a special character

Five dock

Known for it’s luxuriously appointed rooms and comprehensive, quality menu options, Ottimo House
prides itself on doing everything not just differently, but better..
At Ottimo House you won’t feel like the ‘next event in line’. You’ll feel your event is our most important event ever, because it is. And you’ll be happy to know that whatever you need, we
have a solution. We like to say, “yes!”
Ottimo House will change your expectations about event venues.

Denham Court

From where you stand, surrounded by brightly coloured gardens and towering eucalypts, as far as the eye can see there are rolling green hills which disappear into the distance.
You are secluded in the midst of 800 acres of untouched countryside in Campbelltown. Birds sing and water laps softly at the edge of the picturesque lake. A breeze rustles through the tree tops. You are at one with nature in a peaceful haven.
Follow the meandering pathways past the expansive lawns and beautiful manicured gardens to your preferred venue. Is it the Ottimo Ceremonial Lawn where you declare your love? Or the Rosewood room which caters for up to 170 guests? Perhaps it is the massive Mahogany Room where as many as 400 of your guests can dine and dance?

The Colebee Centre

Nurragingy Reserve | cnr knox rd + cross street, Doonside
P  02 9831 5265 |

Weddings are awesome! Whether you want your wedding day to be the biggest show of your life, or a massive party where you dance the night away, or you just want an intimate affirmation of your love for each other, we’ve got you covered. At the Colebee Centre we’ll shape your day just the way you want it and it will be a wonderful, memorable celebration where you and your guests are indulged every step of the way. (Oh, and with awesome photos, right?)

We’re set right in the middle of the Nurragingy Reserve, so if you’re looking for a photo paradise, you’ve come to the right place – we have hundreds of spots without ever leaving the park. Then you celebrate with your friends and family in a beautiful room, lit with fairy lights, surrounded by walls of windows and a massive dance floor, and the service and attention is all for you!

One room, one couple, one amazing day. Sounds good, right?

As it is situated within Nurragingy Reserve this is western Sydney’s premiere wedding reception venue.

With the deck right outside the centre, there are three dedicated areas within Nurragingy Reserve which have been specifically designed to make your wedding ceremony a day to remember.
• Bungarribee Pavilion
• Jannawi Garden
• Jim Lynch Garden

The Old Farm

35 Purvines Road, Winmalee (Yellow Rock)
0414 279 805

Please contact Ross and  Robin  Ingram to talk about how The Old Farm can be the backdrop for your special celebration.

The Old Farm, in the heart of the lower mountains…

Located in a quiet rural setting with extensive parking onsite, the wedding venue is a tranquil private location with year-round garden colour.
The property features numerous ponds with water features, a wisteria walk, a winter tea house, shaded woodland garden, magic springtime flowering bulbs and blossoms, pergolas, paved courtyards, a dam and jetty.
The Old Farm can be booked for a length of time to suit your needs. The property can be booked for your wedding ceremony, and/or your wedding photo location and it can also be booked for your wedding reception if required.
The function room can seat up to 90 – 100 guests, has lighting, power and a sound system.
Smaller wedding parties may prefer to hold the reception at their favourite restaurant. The gardens can also be booked for photos only, if you have a favourite church for your ceremony.

We invite you to make an appointment and wander the grounds – you’ll discover the perfect spot for your celebration in gardens as unique as you are!
The gardens can be booked for day or evening weddings and functions. The Old Farm can be used as the blank canvas where you create your masterpiece based around your own theme.
Your special event can be as casual or formal as you like. Whether its intimate and close for small groups or many more we can help you with: tables and table decorations, chairs, celebrants or whatever you need!
Catering – finger food, buffet or a sit down meal from our preferred caterer.
Cost is by negotiation depending on your needs and all profits are donated to a designated charity.

The William Inglis Hotel – Warwick Farm


The William Inglis Hotel, Governor Macquarie Drive
Warwick Farm New South Wales 2170 Australia
Tel. +612 8324 3460 –

Maxine Maroney is the very helpful Conference & Events Sales Executive

Create your story within the private setting of Riverside Stables.

The William Inglis Hotel is proud to present to you a truly unique setting! Our beautiful Big Barn, nestled amongst the Riverside Stables garden, is the ideal place for a truly unique wedding. A rustic design with modern facilities, the Big Barn is modeled from the original Newmarket Barn designed over 150 years ago. A gorgeous feel with the quintessential rural ambience, you and your guests will become immersed in the grand history, with modern day elements. With additional access to the Garden Pavilion, Rose Pavilion and surrounding gardens, the Big Barn allows complete versatility for your event .The Big Barn is fully air-conditioned with access to the latest AV equipment, including television screens, speakers and Wi-fi access. It also has its own toilets and is wheelchair accessible.

A truly bespoke full-service venue with tailored planning for your special day. The William Inglis Hotel wants you to say ‘I Do’ in our luxurious Gazebo followed by a celebration to remember in one of our many venues.

The William Inglis Hotel is where memories are made in every moment. Steeped in history, our facilities are that of a modern event precinct combined with the elegance of an MGallery hotel.

The William Inglis at Riverside Stables makes hosting sophisticated and successful events simple.  Discover the option that suits you best from our well-prepared spaces.


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Apart from public Parks there are many venues that you can hire for a garden Ceremony or reception

See also:

Here is a great one:

The Turpentine Tree

1665 Bells Line of Road, Kurrajong Heights
The Turpentine Tree – Home | Facebook
The Turpentine Tree

The Turpentine Tree is one of the Hawkesbury’s best kept secrets. We are situated between the world heritage Wollemi National Park and the Blue Mountains National Park. The property offers 8 acres of landscape gardens, a marquee set amongst a majestic arbor, home to 600 aromatic rose bushes.​


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Historical & Heritage Sites, Museums & Galleries

Arms of Australia Inn (Nepean)

Arms of Australia Inn can be arranged through the Nepean District Historical Society: see their Venue Hire page.

Australian Maritime Museum

2 Murray Street, Darling Harbour, Sydney NSW 2000,
+61 2 9298 3777

Every Day 9:30 am – 5:00 pm
Extended to 6:00 pm in January
Last boarding time for Submarine and Tall Ships – 4.10pm
Closed Christmas Day 25 December.

Banjo Patterson Cottage Restaurant

“In the Park” End of Punt Road
Gladesville NSW 2111

Restaurant Hours: Lunch:Fri (from 31/7/20) & Sun – opens at 12pm
Dinner: Fri & Sat – opens at 6:00pm
Phone: (02) 9816 3611
Fax: (02) 9816 5026

Restaurant Manager: Robert Lemonjian
Executive Chef: Marco Bonanni
Functions & Events: Beverley Hollas-Clayton

Situated within 5 acres of parkland the restaurant is surrounded by landscaped gardens overlooking the water making it ideal for garden ceremonies and cocktails.

The garden hire fee is $300 and we provide you with lovely outdoor seating and shade umbrellas included in this fee.

After your ceremony, we serve your guests canapés on the lawn whilst you take time for your photographs, against the backdrop of impressive water views. Drinks will also be served as part of the package if the Deluxe or Premier package is selected or on a consumption basis if the Standard package is selected.

Curzon Hall

53 Agincourt Rd,
Marsfield NSW 2122
02 9887 1877

Built  in 1899, This iconic sandstone castle is set upon three acres of glorious landscaped gardens. The castle’s versatile event rooms can accommodate larger Sydney events.

Features include:

    • Grand circular driveway with Red Carpet
    • Terraces with garden views
    • Grand foyer with cedar staircases
    • Heritage and contemporary character
    • Underground original Cellars
    • Undercover Carpark


85-87 Penshurst Street
Willoughby NSW 2068
(entry via Laurel Street)

Phone: 02 9958 8729

You will be delighted by this charming Willoughby heritage listed venue…
Whether you have glimpsed Laurelbank as you pass by or are just discovering Laurelbank for the first time you will feel instantly at home and imagine family and friends enjoying elegant spaces steeped in architectural glamour.
Laurelbanks exclusive setting sets the scene for your special day, bounded only by your imagination, with stunning ceremony locations and your choice of indoor or flat lawn reception options.
Step through terrace doors to enjoy stunning verandas and gardens and explore the many original and historic trees and plantings.  The gardens beckons as a lush space to chat andimagine the Laurelbank Nursery Gardens and heritage of times gone by.
Laurelbank is centrally located to Sydneys stunning harbour, picturesque beach locations and the heart of the North Shore.
We look forward to meeting and helping to create your Laurelbank stories.

Lennox Bridge – (Glenbrook)

Lennox Bridge
Mitchells Pass, Lapstone Hill (Glenbrook) NSW

Access Mitchell’s Pass by leaving the highway at McDonalds, Blaxland, & proceeding straight ahead. The road below the bridge is now one-way traffic down to the old highway at Emu Plains.

Lennox Bridge on Mitchells Pass at Glenbrook is the oldest stone arch bridge on the Australian mainland. This elegant single span stone arch bridge was built in local stone and completed in 1833 by David Lennox using unskilled convict labour. It took one year to complete. The sandstone was quarried nearby and the bridge carried all the traffic to western New South Wales until 1926. An early engineering masterpiece.
It crosses Brookside Creek (also known as Lapstone Creek) on the road known as Mitchells Pass. It replaced an earlier crossing of the creek further south, which today survives as a walking track. A nearby quarry is thought to have been created for the purpose of providing stone for the bridge.
The bridge served the main route to the Blue Mountains for 93 years until 1926, when the Great Western Highway was re-routed via the Knapsack Viaduct. It was closed in 1967 but later strengthened and repaired with an internal concrete structure and it re-opened in 1982.

Link to More info

Leura House – Leura

Leura House
7 Britain Street
Leura, NSW 2780
Phone (+61) 2 4784-2035

This mountain Guest House (c.1880) is an historic and magnificent home. Spacious gardens and sweeping valley views surround the house situated on the highest point (1,900 ft above sea level) of the beautiful village of Leura. Central heating throughout with log fire in the lounge. Superb Dining, Conference and Reception facilities. Adjacent to the many tourist attractions, walking tracks, sporting activities, village shops and railway station. Elegantly furnished with lots of old-world charm.

“Leura House” was built in the 1880 s on the highest point of Leura (2,900ft above sea level) and occupies the finest position. It is unique in the area in that it is one of the earliest buildings in Leura and that as an example of Victorian style Architecture it was a forerunner of what might be described as the “Coffee Palace” form of guest house construction in the area.

Suitable for accommodation if a reception to be held nearby; or for a garden or indoor ceremony.

Norman Lindsay Gallery

14 Norman Lindsay Cres, Faulconbridge NSW 2776
OPEN Everyday 10:00 am to 4:00 pm (Closed Christmas Day)
02 4751 1067

National Trust of Australia (NSW)
The National Trust Centre
Upper Fort Street, Millers Point, (The Rocks) Sydney
Head Office open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.
(02) 9258 0123 / Fax (02) 9252 1264

The Norman Lindsay Gallery is available to book for weddings, special occasions and private functions. The scene for many films, television programs and photographic shoots, we are happy to provide a stage for continued storytelling to the next generation.

 The former Lindsay home in Faulconbridge has so many stories, and all of them weave into the rich fabric of Australian post-World War I identity, cultural heritage, art and literature and the story of the Blue Mountains. Never one to shy away from controversy, artist and author Norman Lindsay shared this beautiful sandstone home with his wife Rose and their children.

The house now showcases Norman Lindsay’s many paintings depicting Bohemianism and Arcadian pantheism, his sculptures can be found in the sprawling gardens that wrap around his former home. You will see sculptures, illustrations and see the cheeky characters of the children’s classic, The Magic Pudding, were created.

Discover the stories of Lindsay’s scandalous rejection of Christianity – with his works deemed blasphemous and his novel, Redheap, banned in 1930.

The Norman Lindsay Gallery is available to book for weddings, special occasions and private functions. The scene for many films, television programs and photographic shoots, we are happy to provide a stage for continued storytelling to the next generation.

We are thrilled to welcome the community back to Norman Lindsay Gallery following the COVID-19 shut down, however, please note you must purchase a ticket in advance and timed entry applies. Please read Terms & Conditions of Entry in advance.

St Josephs Guesthouse and Function Venue

1029 St Albans Rd, Lower MacDonald (St Albans) NSW 2775
0418 293 732

Are you looking for that different, intimate setting and location for a private daytime wedding?

St Josephs Guesthouse and Function Venue, is a unique location for functions, weddings and special events.  St Joseph’s Guesthouse and Function Venue is a stunning three level stone building that was renovated from the ruins of a 160 year old Catholic Church.  There is a physical and spiritual connection with the pioneering families and the history of the area providing a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere both inside and out.

The building comprises of four king bedrooms complete with air conditioning and ensuite bathrooms. A fifth bedroom has a separate bathroom. Free to Air digital TV is provided and there is also an indoor entertainment area for movies, music and dancing and a large outdoor deck for the afternoon drinks and BBQ. A quiet upstairs retreat has a unique featured glass floor section to keep an eye on the activities below.

The indoor area can accommodate up to 60 people and is ideal for a variety of functions.  The grounds consist of a large forecourt in front of the main entrance and a majestic tiered hillside overlooking the church and it’s large outdoor deck area.  Both indoors and outdoors are perfect for an intimate wedding.

Nature provides clear air, open skies, river and valley views, a rich variety of fauna and flora and lots of quiet. You will see eagles overhead, a variety of birds flitting about the grounds, and in the valley you will find lyre birds, wallabies, wombats, possums and goannas.

2 nights $5,500

  • 3 nights $6,000
  • 4 nights $6,500

We provide the canvas for you to create your wedding masterpiece. Transport for attendants, staff or guests can be arranged if needed – nothing is impossible.

The Refectory – University of Sydney

Level 4, Holme Building, Science Road
The University of Sydney 2006
Tel: 9563 6245
LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest


Your venue and food set the mood, which is why our weddings always wow. Let’s design your special day by honing in on the personal details that make you more than a cookie-cutter couple. Choose from our character-filled venues steeped in history and heritage, and start the next part of your story in-style, without the stress

Creating a wedding that reflects your individuality is about more than ‘chicken or fish.’ Beyond catering and spaces, our venues build the bones and set the tone for your celebration. Providing personalised service, we liaise with your vendors to ensure no detail is missed, and work with you to realise your day

Proudly not-for-profit, proceeds from all our events are directly invested into student services and programs run by the University of Sydney Union


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Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat
55 Radiata Road, Kangaroo Valley, NSW 2577
Tel: 02 9053 8540

Nestled in the mountains, 10 minutes away from the picturesque town of Kangaroo Valley.

Operating as an award winning wedding venue for the last 12 years.

Family owned business with a wonderful owner, who puts his blood, sweat and tears into making sure the place is perfect!

The venue is run by the lovely managers, Adam & Lizzy who go above and beyond to make sure each and every couple has their perfect wedding!

​Won the award for #1 ceremony venue in NSW from the prestigious ABIA awards.

We are so happy to know that our couples expectations live up to reality!

Devastated by the terrible bushfires of 2019/2020, they have rebuilt to the highest of standards.


Wildwood Kangaroo Valley

407D Bendeela Rd,
Kangaroo Valley  NSW  2577
(02) 4465-2010

Wildwood is 100 acres of pristine subtropical rainforest, set against a sweeping sandstone escarpment, surrounded by national parks. We welcome celebrations of love in all their forms to our beautiful piece of  bush paradise. With unique ceremony locations, stunning photograph opportunities, and a range of options for the reception, you have the freedom to choose the theme, style and food service that best reflects your personality and values.

Go to this link to find wedding packages.


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Burragorang Lookout/Warrgamba Dam

Burragorang, Lookout, Burragorang State Conservation Area

Burragorang lookout and picnic area is a great day trip from Camden, Campbelltown and Sydney. Enjoy a picnic lunch with stunning views of Warragamba Dam. You can also hire the picnic area for a special event.

    • Burragorang picnic area is available for non-exclusive hire for weddings or informal events
    • The lookout and viewing platform is not available for hire
    • This park is remote and the weather in this area can be extreme and unpredictable, so please be well-prepared for your visit.

High above Warragamba Dam, on a Blue Mountains escarpment, Burragorang lookout and picnic area is a viewing point for nature’s great beauty. From up here, you can look across one of New South Wales’ most precious resources – that huge body of water far below provides about 80 per cent of Sydney’s water supply.

What you’ll see much closer is equally as impressive. Noisy glossy black cockatoos hanging from the casuarinas; perhaps one of the shy and beautiful lyrebirds will be scratching in the leaves below the trees.

Chipping Norton Lake

Homestead Drive, Chipping Norton
Customer Service Centre
Shop R1, 33 Moore Street,
Liverpool, NSW 2170
Open Monday – Friday, 8.30am – 4.30pm
1300 36 2170

The 120 acres  is made up of Chipping Norton Lake and the smaller Lake Moore.

Located along the Georges River at Homestead Drive, Chipping Norton Lakes is home to a number of picnic, play and barbecue areas and also includes Floyd Bay and Tharaway Bay.

Chipping Norton Recreation Centre (The Lakes Boatshed) on Angle Park, Homestead Avenue, Chipping Norton,  features a community building that can be hired by residents or groups. Please note that this facility has no disabled access. Bookings on 1300 36 2170

The Lakes Boatshed (Chipping Norton Recreation Centre) can accommodate up to 100 people and offers an upstairs balcony with magnificent views across the lakes and surrounding parkland.

With over 50 different species of birds recorded in the park, birdwatching is a popular activity. Visitors may see purple swamphens, pelicans, maned ducks, egrets, sacred ibis, pardalote and pacific black ducks.
Sedgelands, reeds, mangroves and alluvial (floodplain) forest also surround the lakes. Common native trees found in this area include the swamp oak (Casuarina glauca), blue box (Eucalyptus baueriana), forest red gum (Eucalyptus tereticornus), bangalay (Eucalyptus botryoides), grey box and rough barked apple (Angophora floribunda). Wattles and paperbarks can also be found along the foreshores.
The islands on the lakes have been developed as wildlife refuges and visitors are not permitted on the islands.

Lake Parramatta

Ground Floor – Customer Contact Centre
126 Church Street
Parramatta NSW 2150

Access key Council services in one place – Online Services Portal
General Enquiries: 1300 617 058

Entry into Lake Parramatta Reserve is from Lackey Street via Bourke Street North Parramatta.
Lake Parramatta is located in Lake Parramatta Reserve that is a 73 hectare habitat that is popular for visitors who enjoy picnics, aquatic activities and bush walking.
The lake itself is 10.5 hectares in size.
Lake Parramatta Reserve offers 68 car spots on site. When the car park is full, parking is available on surrounding streets just a short walk way.

Prospect Reservoir

Reservoir Rd Prospect NSW 2148 Australia
1300 622 077

Located about 35 kilometres west of Sydney, Prospect Reservoir was completed in 1888 as part of the Upper Nepean Scheme to supply Sydney with water collected from the weirs on the Illawarra Plateau south of the city.

Sydney International Regatta Centre-Penrith

Entry to the Centre is via Gate A, Old Castlereagh Rd, Penrith NSW 2749 (map)
The Venue Management office is located above Boat Shed 3
Postal address:  PO Box 507, Cranebrook NSW 2749
(02) 4730 0000 from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm for the main office
0409 535 760 on weekends for Visitor Service
0420 985 603 after hours and on public holidays for security

The Sydney International Regatta Centre is the perfect destination for the wedding of your dreams. With a number of open grassed spaces available, the possibilities are endless.
Wedding packages can be tailored to your needs. The venue is an open invitation to create your special day.

Pontoons are also available to hire and are a great alternative to traditional garden weddings.

Ceremony options

    • Gold Ceremony (80 guests or less)
      $764.50 includes large grassed space or pontoon hire, portable PA, 20 chairs, parking spaces for all guest, and filming and photography permit. Ceremony not to exceed 3hrs.
    • Silver Ceremony (50 guests or less)
      $424.50 includes small grassed space, 10 chairs, parking spaces for all guest, and filming and photography permit. Ceremony not to exceed 3hrs.

Reception options – Lakeside Restaurant
02 4729 3222

With floor to ceiling glass and sweeping views of Penrith Lakes and the lower Blue Mountains, the awarded Lakeside Restaurant at the Sydney International Regatta Centre is a stunning destination to host your perfect wedding.

Vince and the team at Lakeside Restaurant have many years of experience creating the perfect menu for weddings whether you are after a cocktail reception or a full three course banquet.

If you already have the reception venue locked in, we are more than happy to host your ceremony only.

Photography options

If you would like to simply take advantage of our beautiful lake and manicured grounds as a backdrop for your wedding photos, you can do so for a fee of $257.50.

Request packages and venues available for weddings

Wentworth Falls Lake

 Sinclair Crescent Wentworth Falls NSW 2782 Australia
1300 653 408

Wentworth Falls Lake was originally created by the damming of Jamison Creek to supply water for the steam railway. The Lake is now home to native and introduced waterfowl, native fish such as Gudgeons, and water bugs including freshwater crayfish, freshwater shrimp and dragonfly nymphs. It is also a popular picnic spot, with barbecue facilities and children’s play equipment. A one kilometre walk beside the Lake is easy grade and takes about 30 minutes.
Using locally quarried stone a group of local sculptors have created sandstone sculptures featuring the seed pods of plants native to the lake and each sculpture has been positioned close to the living plant that it relates to making exploration of the lake foreshore come to life.


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PARKS IN SYDNEY & SURROUNDS (alphabetical list)

Many councils do not charge for holding a small wedding in a park but it is always best to check as there may be a fee and an insurance requirement which is the responsibility of the persons making the booking (not the Celebrant).

Many of the other venues reception Centres and Hotels also have lovely gardens so search for your best option.

The list of parks is scattered throughout this webpage but this section lists them alphabetically and so when you click on a selection, it takes you back to the actual  listing on this page where you will find a description and maybe photos:


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The list is below, but you can click on this link Halls and Centres to go to the Penrith City Council webpage, or click get More information

Andromeda Community Centre

Built in 1996, this facility is located in North Cranebrook opposite Corpus Christi Primary School. It offers a medium sized hall, a meeting room, air conditioning and a secure outdoor area.

Arthur Neave Memorial Hall

Built in 1977 and refurbished in 2009, this facility is very popular for private functions. The facility is located next to Werrington Tennis Courts and sporting fields, and is a 5 minute walk from Werrington train station.

Autumnleaf Neighbourhood Centre

This facility opened in 1988 and is located near St Clair Shopping Centre. It offers a hall, a small meeting room and kitchen.

Berkshire Park Hall

Built in 1977 and refurbished in 2009, this hall is located in a quiet bush setting next to a park with covered play equipment. The hall is air conditioned and suitable for a range of functions and activities.

Cambridge Park Hall

Opened in 1993, this hall is located opposite Cambridge Park shops and next to Cambridge Park sporting fields. It has a unique 2-storey design with a loft-style meeting room above the main hall. The hall has an annex through to the kitchen which is a useful space for buffets.

Castlereagh Hall

1158-60 Castlereagh Road, Castlereagh

Built in 1895 and renovated in 2011, Castlereagh Hall is one of Council’s premier facilities. Steeped in history, the building was once the original Castlereagh Council Chambers and is part of the Penrith Valley Heritage Drive. The hall is a popular wedding venue.

Claremont Meadows Community Centre

Opened in 1994 and extended in 2007, this centre is located beside Claremont Meadows shopping centre and includes a medium sized hall and two meeting rooms.

Colyton Neighbourhood Centre

This quaint centre was opened in 1978 and is located behind the Hewitt Street shops. It has a small hall, kitchen facilities and a fenced outdoor area.

Cook Parade Neighbourhood Centre

Opened in 1987 this facility is located between Cook Parade Child Care Centre and St Clair Tennis Courts. It offers 2 small halls, a sweeping veranda and secure outdoor area with a shade structure.

Coowarra Cottage

Opened in 1983 this small facility is ideal for meetings, small groups, and children’s parties. It offers a secure outdoor area with softfall ground covering, play equipment and a shade structure.

Cranebrook Neighbourhood Centre

This facility was opened in 1987 and refurbished in 2012. It is located between Cranebrook Shopping Centre and Cranebrook High School. The facility has two small air conditioned rooms which are both included in the overall cost for function hire.

Emu Heights Neighbourhood Centre

Opened in 1991 and located behind the Blue Emu Child Care Centre, this facility has 2 air-conditioned rooms for hire each with a secure yard. There is play equipment and a shade structure attached to the hall making it ideal for children’s activities and parties.

Emu Plains Community Centre

Opened in 1986 and refurbished in 2009, this facility is located next to Emu Plains Kids Place Child Care Centre and across the road from the Centro Lennox Shopping Centre. This is a very popular facility with a pleasant outlook.

Erskine Park Community Centre

Located in Peppertree Reserve and opened in 1992, this facility has a medium-sized hall and meeting room with a large sweeping verandah and secure outdoor area with shade structure and Astroturf.

Erskine Park Community Hall

This facility was opened in 1992 and is connected by a small verandah to Erskine Park Community Centre. The hall is Council’s second-largest facility and includes a semi-industrial kitchen and small enclosed courtyard.

Floribunda Community Centre

Built in 1996 this facility overlooks the picturesque Glenmore Loch and offers a medium-sized air-conditioned hall, as well as a meeting room and activity room.

Glenmore Park Youth & Community Centre

Opened in 2002 this modern facility is located in the Glenmore Park Town Centre. The community centre offers a large hall with a terrace and two good-sized meeting rooms. The youth centre has a separate entry, a lounge room and kitchen and a meeting room.

Harold Corr Community Centre

Built in 1977 this facility remains one of Council’s larger function centres. It offers two air-conditioned self-contained halls each with their own attractive outdoor entertaining areas.

Jordan Springs Community Hub

Jordan Springs Community Hub is Council’s newest neighbourhood facility.

It is equipped with a large hall, activity room, two meeting rooms, IT training room, a fully functional training kitchen and BBQ facilities, as well as ample open space.

The Hub is also fully accessible for people with disabilities, is air-conditioned, and offers free Wi-Fi.

Kingswood Neighbourhood Centre

This busy facility was opened in 2003 and is located a short walk from Kingswood train station and is adjacent to Wainwright Park play equipment. The facility offers a medium-sized hall with a secure yard and shade structure. It also has a meeting room which has a separate fenced yard with soft fall.

Londonderry Neighbourhood Centre

Originally built in 1970 this facility was fully refurbished in 2009. Located in the quiet rural village of Londonderry it is situated next to sporting fields and a public park with play equipment.

Melrose Hall

Built in 1934 this facility is visible from the Great Western Highway and is part of the Penrith Valley Heritage Drive. It is a popular local icon and offers a good-sized hall with a large stage and generous meeting room. There is a public park with play equipment next door.

Mulgoa Hall

This facility was built in 1973 and is located in the southern rural village of Mulgoa. It is situated next to Mulgoa Tennis Courts and has a public park close by.

North Penrith Community Centre

Formerly known as the Kingswood Park Community Centre, this facility was opened in 1997 and is set in a quiet bushy location. It has a medium-sized air-conditioned hall and meeting room.

North St Marys Neighbourhood Centre

Opened in 2005, this facility offers a small air-conditioned function or meeting room, a youth room and meeting room.

Penrith Senior Citizens Centre

Built in 1983 and located in the heart of the Penrith CBD, the Penrith Seniors Centre has a large hall with a dining room, a commercial kitchen and a meeting room for hire. The priority of access is given to senior’s activities and groups.

Regentville Hall

This facility is currently unavailable for hire.

Ridge Park Hall

Built in 1970 this facility is very popular for private functions and is located just off the Great Western Highway and next to Ridge Park sporting field.

South Penrith Neighbourhood Centre

This facility was opened in 1993 and is located between the Southlands shopping centre and Southlands oval. It offers two air-conditioned rooms, with a secure outdoor area and shade structure.

St Clair Youth Centre

This facility opened in 1994 and is managed by the St Clair Youth & Neighbourhood Team Inc. The Youth Service offers a range of programs and activities for young people living in the St Clair, Colyton and Erskine Park areas.

St Marys Community Centre

Built in 1979 this facility was once the St Marys Library before being converted into a Community Centre in 1998. The facility is located under the same roof as St Marys Senior Centre and shares a carpark with St Marys Memorial Hall.

St Marys Memorial Hall

Originally built in 1961 this much-loved facility was fully refurbished in 2009. As Council’s premier facility this building features a large hall and stage, dressing rooms, meeting rooms, 3-phase power and a commercial kitchen.

St Marys Senior Citizens Centre

Built in 1979 and located next to St Marys Community Centre, this air-conditioned facility has a large hall with a separate dining area, commercial kitchen and two good-sized meeting rooms.

St Marys Arts and Craft Studio

Formally the St Marys CWA and Baby Health Centre, this facility was renamed in 2007 after extensive refurbishment to become the St Marys Arts & Craft Studio. The facility has two small rooms suitable for a range of art and craft activities and a small kitchen.

St Marys Tennis Court Clubhouse

This venue is available for private function hire. There is a fenced-off area around the clubhouse, play equipment, as well as car parks. The hall has a small stage with a dance floor.

Surveyors Creek Community Centre

Built in 2000, this modern facility has a peaceful outlook and is located next to the softball fields. It offers a good-sized hall with air conditioning, kitchen, accessible toilets as well as three meeting rooms.

Werrington Downs Neighbourhood Centre

This facility was built in 1988 and is located next to Werrianda Child Care Centre. It offers a galley style kitchen, air conditioning, and a secure outdoor area with a shade structure and soft-fall ground covering.

Werrington Youth Centre

Located to the left of Harold Corr Hall, this facility opened in 1988 has a main room suitable for a range of activities. The facility is available for hire by community and business groups.


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Silverdale Road, 2745 Sydney – Wallacia
Blaxland Crossing Reserve is named after the site John Blaxland used to cross the Nepean River to reach his property on the western bank where his cattle grazed on the fertile river flats. In 1813, Governor Macquarie granted land to John, the brother of explorer Gregory, which encompassed much of present-day Luddenham and Wallacia. John named his property “Luddenham” and built a homestead where Wallacia is today. He built a flour mill which operated from the 1830s and a brewery which was one of the first in the colony. Location: Silverdale Road, Wallacia Phone: 02 4773 8077. Open: 8am to 5pm seven days a week Charges apply.

Community Halls in the Nepean/Penrith district. 

Illoura Village Park

Illoura Way, Jordan Springs

Description: Community parkland with BBQ, playground facilities and undercover seating.

Lions Park

Behind Melrose Hall, corner of Park Street & Great Western Highway, Emu Plains

Description: Two large undercover areas, BBQ, toilets and playground equipment.

Mulgoa Park

Corner of Mulgoa Road and Littlefields Road, Mulgoa

Description: Large reserve with undercover area, toilets, playground facilities and tennis courts (courts operate on a first-in, best-dressed basis).

Penrith Regional Gallery & The Lewers Bequest

Regatta Park East

River Road, Emu Plains

Description: Sloping reserve to the river’s edge, small undercover seating areas. 

Regatta Park West

River Road, Emu Plains

Description: Large reserve with small undercover seating areas, BBQ, toilets and playground facilities.

Tench Reserve Jamisontown

Tench Avenue, Jamisontown

Description: Large reserve along the banks of the Nepean River with boat ramp, toilet facilities, undercover seating areas and two playgrounds.

Victoria Park

Corner of Great Western Highway & Princess Mary Street, St Marys

Description: Large reserve with BBQ facilities, playground, undercover seating areas, toilets and rotunda. 

Village Centre Lake

Lakeside Parade, Jordan Springs

Description: Large reserve around the lakes edge with numerous undercover seating areas, BBQ facilities and playground.


Weir Reserve has 2 wedding areas available for hire (ceremonies only) at an hourly rate:

      • Gazebo – overlooks the Nepean River and is set among roses (September to March)
      • Japanese Pavilion – landscaped with a Japanese theme.

Werrington Lakes Reserve

Burton Street, Werrington

Description: Large open space reserve with numerous seating areas, BBQ, toilet facilities, play equipment, outdoor gym equipment and splash pad.

Penrith Regional Gallery & The Lewers Bequest

Penrith Regional Gallery & The Lewers Bequest
Phone: 02 4735 1100
Fax: 02 4735 8334
86 River Road
Emu Plains NSW 2750

contact: Lisa Clifford
Office & Site Manager
4735 1100

A unique, idyllic venue nestled on the banks of the Nepean River. Make your vows in one of Australia’s most beautiful heritage art gardens or beneath our all-weather sandstone and cedar function venue.


Settlers at Mulgoa

Settlers at Mulgoa

1300 Mulgoa Rd, Mulgoa NSW 2745
02 4773 8277

Springfield House Function Centre – Dural

Springfield House Function Centre
245 New Line Rd,
Dural NSW 2158                                                (02) 9651 2144

The Carrington Hotel  (Katoomba)

The Carrington Hotel

Address: 15-47 Katoomba St
Katoomba, Blue Mountains NSW 2780
Postal Address: P O Box 28
Katoomba NSW 2780
Phone No: +61 2 4782 1111
Fax: + 61 2 4782 7033
Email Address:

There are few places that can match the romance, elegance and charm of The Carrington Hotel – which is why the hotel has been attracting lovers for well over a century. With it’s timeless appeal and elegant decor, The Carrington Hotel is a truly unique and beautiful wedding venue.

The Carrington Hotel has a long and rich history since her establishment by Sydney hotelier Harry Rowell more than one hundred and thirty years ago.
First opened in 1883 as The Great Western, this Grand Old Lady was a popular mountain retreat for international visitors, the elite of Sydney, and those eager to see the natural wonders of the Blue Mountains. Renamed ‘The Carrington’ in 1886, in honour of the then Governor of New South Wales, Lord Carrington.
By the early 1900’s The Carrington’s reputation as the premier tourist resort in the Southern Hemisphere was undisputed rivaled  only by the Raffles Hotel, Singapore within The British Empire.
Sir James Joynton Smith,  introduced the famous stained-glass facade, and the hotel quickly became known as the honeymoon destination of choice and remained so for the next half a century.
The Carrington closed her doors in late 1985 and underwent extensive renovation so its previous glory of being the Grand Old Lady of the Mountains.

The hotel has numerous wedding packages.

The Hills Lodge Hotel & Spa, Grand Mercure

The Hills Lodge, Castle Hill
1 Salisbury Rd, Castle Hill NSW 2154
02) 9680 3800

Wedding PlannersCheryl Brooks & Kristine Russell
Your Wedding Professionals
+61 2 9849 5708

Enjoy your special day with one of the most charming and stylish wedding venues in Sydney.Call now or complete the enquiry form to receive a complimentary weddingsinformation package.

You can download The Hills Lodge – Wedding+Compendium+2017+2018 here

Elegant & stylish boutique hotel ~ 97 rooms & suites ~ Experience character and charm.

The Hills Lodge is a beautiful wedding venue with a dedicated and professional team who can organise every detail of any wedding from your ceremony to reception and accommodation for as many as 130 guests (larger numbers can be accommodated for Cocktail Party Weddings).

Choose from our elegant Estate Room or Nobles Restaurant to make your wedding day one you will always remember. Our extensive, landscaped gardens and private courtyards also provide the perfect backdrop for pre-reception drinks and canapés.

We understand that planning a wedding can be overwhelming some times, at Hills Lodge we aim to make the wedding planning process a breeze.

The Travelling Chapel

The Travelling Chapel
0420 638 538

Create your own venue.

Have you found that perfect wedding destination? Whether you’re an adventurer or a princess, a romantic or a road-tripper, a culture buff or a beach bum, our Mobile Wedding Chapel can travel to the location of your choice. If you don’t have a location in mind then we would love to help you find one that suits your style and budget.
We know that your wedding is so much more than a wedding! It’s about creating memories, starting an adventure, and creating something meaningful that reflects you as a couple.
The Mobile Wedding Chapel is a company that can create cohesive memorable events that friends and families will be able to experience. No two weddings are alike, nor is the creative process.
We also cater for Baptisms, Christenings, Funerals, High Teas, Parties and Events. The Travelling Chapel would love to be part of your special day.

Package includes:
Mobile Chapel • Indoor seating for 28 (Can also be added to your outdoor ceremony) • Outdoor seating for 40 (Balcony Ceremonies) • Signing Table • Generator • Chandalier • Faux greenery walls to cover trailer • Delivery, setup, dismantle and pick up (Within 50km of Narellan NSW. Additional fees will incur for 50km +)

Vine Cottage Events

218 Church Lane, Castlereagh NSW 2749
Vine Cottage Tool Museum & Tea Room Castlereagh NSW 
Phone: 0451 374 633 | Email:

Vine Cottage and its surrounding grounds is a beautiful, quaint and private location perfect for an intimate garden wedding or function.

Nestled deep in the heart of Castlereagh, was an orchard farm at the turn of the 20th Century, the five-acre property has been developed into a wonderful homestead built with authentic convict brick and stone.

Feel as though you are taking a step back in time, yet with the modern comforts to make your day memorable. The Tea Room serves fresh High Tea, all prepared-made on site, beautifully groomed garden & spectacular views of the Blue Mountains.

The museum is comfortably air-conditioned, is disabled friendly and less than 10 minutes north of Penrith and 15 minutes south of Richmond.



540A Cranebrook Road, Cranebrook New South Wales 2749
02 4729 1970

Avli is renowned for its truly distinct and unique venue.

A heritage and historic church refurbished into an architectural restaurant ensuring that the warm ambiance of Greece is captured.

The word Avli derives from Greece and means ‘The Backyard’. Here at Avli we strive to produce flavoursome traditional Greek food using only the best quality Greek ingredients and local fresh produce. Our food is prepared onsite daily by our executive chef and talented team of staff.

Cucina Locale

Level 5, 55 Campbell St,
Blacktown Workers Club
Blacktown, NSW2148
Facebook –
Instagram –

A revolving restaurant with a 360-degree view of Sydney and the Blue Mountains is the perfect setting for a man with vision, and that is exactly what Cucina Locale has in Chef Jessy Singh. Bringing 10 years of experience, passion, talent, and energy, Singh has tapped into something that was waiting to happen. Architectural finesse and sensational lay of the land combine in one of Sydney’s original revolving restaurants, designed and constructed by Paynter Dixon in 1994.
The revival of this establishment means the vibrant communities of Sydney’s West are now in possession of an exclusive venue. Cucina Locale offers sensational dining, experienced events management, and world-class views, but it is the breadth of Singh’s vision that makes this establishment even more special.
Offering an expansive menu built around the finest quality ingredients, Cucina Locale is proudly celebrating the cultural influences of Sydney’s west. Menus span the culinary worlds of international cuisine, and contemporary trends, created with fresh Australian produce and taste inflections.

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Altar Wine Bar Milton

71 Croobyar Road,
Milton. New South Wales 2538


Bewong River Retreat… a couples paradise!

Bewong River Retreat is a private estate nestled within temperate forest on 160 acres of Australian Bushland on the Bewong River on the NSW South Coast.  We are around 2.5 hours from both Sydney and Canberra and 10 min from Jervis Bays sandy beaches.

 Weddings & Events:  Lee – 0400 850 018
Accommodation:  Scott – 02 4443 6999

For Booking enquiries please fill in our Bookings Form.

Bewong River Retreat
2395 Princes Highway, Bewong NSW 2540

Tel  02 4443 6999
Int  +61 2 4443 6999
Fax  02 4443 6445

For Reservations call:  02 4443 6999  

The combination of accommodation, ceremony area, reception venue and the beautiful panoramic views make Bewong River Retreat the perfect venue for your Wedding.  A range of bush and country wedding photo opportunities are also available on our 160 acre property.

Our property will inspire you to create an unforgettable wedding with family and friends and you will have a lifetime of memories to treasure in these beautiful, quiet surroundings.  Weddings at Bewong River Retreat give couples the opportunity to exclusively book accommodation and the venue for their wedding celebration.  Our packages include 3 days / 2 nights in our totally private venue.  We also host midweek weddings, conferences and special events.

For a destination wedding you will remember forever and your family and friends will be talking about for years to come, Bewong River Retreat is the venue you’ve been looking for.

With luxury self-contained bungalows, rustic golf course, and a deep-water river nestled amongst exotic south coast temperate forest where wildlife abounds – all exclusively yours – there is no better place to begin your life together.


You can choose to have your ceremony with the gorgeous Bewong River as your backdrop or anywhere on our property.


Have your reception taken care of in our large function room with a permanent marquee, set amongst rolling lawns with the perfect bush outlook, this creates the perfect wedding venue for your special day.  Our reception area is fully equipped with everything you need, from tables and chairs, crockery and glassware, to linen and catering equipment.  All you need to add is great food, great people, some bubbly and a few personal touches to make this venue truly yours!

Bewong River Retreat is the ultimate venue for a relaxed, elegant wedding experience!

The Old Church

71 Croobyar Road,
Milton. New South Wales 2538
The Old Church At Milton – One of Milton’s most unique venues (

At the Old Church, where they believe your wedding + event should be a reflection of you.
Be it a relaxed or formal engagement, each and every celebration is personal and therefore unique.
The Old Church aims to distance itself from the ideals of a function centre, as it is their belief that there is no set structure that can or will truly capture a certain vision.
Instead, they aim to provide you with a space that will mould its strengths to best suit your individuality, the couple and the celebration.
Built in 1883 and designed by architect Colonel Thomas Rowe, the estate served as a Methodist Church for almost a century before it was converted into a sprawling personal residence.
Purchased by the current owners in 2015, the Old Church’s recent restorations pay homage to the traditional features of the property whilst highlighting the impressive gardens and foliage.
Located just three hours from the City of Sydney, the estate is a short walk from Milton Town, numerous restaurants and additional accommodation options should you wish to house a number of guests beyond the confines
of the property.
Surrounded by lush greenery typical of the New South Wales South Coast, the Old Church at Milton is a private luxury that is now open to private stays, intimate weddings and events.

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Western Sydney Parklands

Business hours: Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm
Phone: (02) 9895 7500  Fax: (02) 9895 7580
Sat-Sun and Public Holidays, 8am-5pm: phone 0459 883 834 to talk to one of our rangers.

Mail: PO Box 3064, Parramatta 2124
Office: Level 7, 10 Valentine Avenue, Parramatta 2150

Shelter Booking or Event Inquiry

To book a picnic shelter at one of the Parklands picnic sites, visit Hire an Area.

To hire one of our event spaces, see Hold an Event.

Western Sydney Parklands is a place for people of all backgrounds to meet, celebrate, learn, play and appreciate the environment. The Parklands will be a venue for communities to create and manage a new sustainable future on the Cumberland Plain.

Western Sydney Parklands stretches 27 kilometres from Quakers Hill to Leppington, running through the Local Government Areas of Blacktown, Fairfield and Liverpool.

The 5,280 hectare area is the largest urban parkland system in Australia, and one of the largest in the world.

The Parklands corridor was first identified in the 1968 Sydney Region Outline Plan. At that time, government planners advocated that a major program was needed to acquire enough lands to satisfy the demand for an infrastructure corridor and regional open space. In November 2006, the NSW Government introduced the Western Sydney Parklands Act to Parliament, setting out the boundaries and establishing a Trust to manage the majority of lands within the Parklands.

Nurragingy Reserve – (Doonside)

Nurragingy Reserve

Knox Rd, Doonside NSW 2767
02 9839 6000

Nurragingy Reserve is a great place to celebrate your wedding ceremony. There are three dedicated areas within Nurragingy Reserve which have been specifically designed to make your wedding ceremony a day to remember.
• Bungarribee Pavilion
• Jannawi Garden
• Jim Lynch Garden

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Dryridge Estate

226 Aspinall Road
Megalong Valley  NSW  2785
Ph: 0403 118 990

Emma MacMahon

Nestled in the beautiful Megalong valley, surrounded by towering sandstone escarpments, Dryridge Estate is a stunning boutique vineyard 20 minutes by car from Blackheath, the nearest Blue Mountains township. Dryridge Estate is only two hours drive from Sydney, which makes the vineyard very appealing for both weekends and day trips.  Visit our Cellar Door and enjoy delicious wines, cheese platters and some of the best scenery in the Blue Mountains.  Stay and enjoy the peace and serenity of our 4.5 STAR accommodation.

Surrounded by towering sandstone escarpments and offering some of the region’s most outstanding scenery, Dryridge Estate is a fabulous boutique vineyard nestled deep in Megalong Valley and offering beautiful accommodation and a range of options for weddings of all shapes and sizes.

Weddings at Dryridge Estate are a ‘choose your own adventure’ style, where the bride and groom can create their very own dream wedding from scratch. We will assist you with all aspects of the organising to make the entire experience absolutely seamless.

Couples can choose to exchange vows in the manicured gardens or vineyard, and guests can be served everything from canapés to a three course dinner – it’s simply a matter of designing the wedding of your own dreams.

When couples hire Dryridge Estate, the property includes our fabulous 4 bedroom Homestead and gorgeous 2 bedroom Sunrise Lodge. We have recently installed a clear roof marquee, which is included in the venue hire. The marquee captures the sunset in the west with the lit up escarpment in the east. Basically, your ceremony and wedding reception will have the most magnificent views and sunsets the Blue Mountains have to offer.

Dryridge Estate is a completely unique venue with vines overlooking the mountains – a view you will not find anywhere else in the world!

Margan Estate

T: +61 2 6579 1317 | F: +61 2 6579 1267,
1238 Milbrodale Road, Broke NSW 2330 Australia

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Google+| Pinterest

As with everything associated with Margan, we want your celebration, function or event to be a stylish, yet relaxed affair. We offer a unique destination for those who appreciate quality food, great wine and friendly, intuitive service. Margan has that all important ‘wow’ factor and has quickly become one of the Hunter Valley’s most sought after venues.

Margan is situated in the picturesque wine region village of Broke, Hunter Valley. Our beautiful rammed earth building is simply stunning and boasts breathtaking views across the vineyards to the Brokenback mountain range. With our courtyard, bar, restaurant and barrel room, Margan offers an endless array of options for your event.

Margan provides the complete food and wine experience, and as such our restaurant team will create an inspiring menu for you and your guests, served with premium beverages including award-winning Margan Wines. Warm, professional service and meticulous attention to detail will ensure that guests are well looked after. In addition, we offer you the expertise of our Events Co-Ordinator who will assist you with the details of your function.

After all, memorable events don’t just happen, they are planned!

5 Star Winery James Halliday Wine Companion 2009 – 2018
National Good Food Guide – One Chef Hat 2017, 2018
Top 10 Regional Restaurants- Gourmet Traveller 2018
Winner – Hunter Valley Cellar Door of the Year 2013, 2018
Andrew Margan- Viticulturist of the Year 2015
Winner – Excellence in Food Tourism, Australian Tourism Awards 2014, 2016
Winner – Best Winery, NSW & Hunter Tourism Awards 2013, 2014, 2015 – Hall of Fame
Winner – Excellence in Food Tourism, NSW & Hunter Tourism Awards 2014, 2015 – Hall of Fame
Winner – Best Restaurant, Australian Tourism Awards 2012

Megalong Creek Estate

Aspinal Road
Megalong NSW Australia 2785
Marketing Manager: Kim Draguns +61 402 358 100

A boutique family owned vineyard situated in the beautiful Megalong Valley, Blue Mountains. Growing varieties including Viognier, Pinot Grigio and Shiraz. Recently planted Pinot and hope to start producing a Pinot wine in 2021.  Their range of wines also includes a Sparkling which we have named ‘Prozzante’, this is a lightly sparked Prosecco style wine. Their grapes are grown and hand picked in the Megalong Valley, and their Wine maker is the award winning and highly regarded wine maker – Jacob Stein of Robert Steins wines.

A cellar and function centre, perfect for weddings is expected to be completed in late 2018 but for now a beautiful ceremony could be held in the vineyard with that magnificent view as the backdrop.

Gledswood Homestead & Winery

900 Camden Valley Way
Gledswood Hills New South Wales 2557
ph: (02) 9606 5111
fx: (02) 9606 5897

Gledswood Homestead & Winery will make your special day one to remember.. think country, rustic and full of character.  The venue offers three function rooms … from rustic barn style to modern-day style.
This is the wedding venue you’ve been looking for, whether its a formal or casual reception, we invite you to consider allowing us to share your special day.

Gledswood Homestead is nestled amid rolling pastures in the Macarthur district, a unique collection of colonial buildings dating back to 1810. A relaxed country rural setting to enjoy entertainment that captures the spirit of this historic setting. Set on 64 hectares Gledswood Homestead (circa 1810) is a grand convict build sandstone home. Originally owned by the Chisholms, an early pioneering family. Relive the history and grander of bygone era with a guided tour, you will savour the atmosphere with tales of bush ranges, convicts, the pioneering life and our resident ghosts. Gledswood specializes in Country Weddings, Special Family Occasions, Work Parties, Kids Birthday Parties, Conferences, Christmas Parties and Lantern Light Ghost Tour Dinners.

Tizzana Winery

518 Tizzana Road
Ebenezer NSW 2756
Telephone: +61 2 45791150
Fax:      +61 2 45791216

National Trust classified sandstone building. Part of original vineyards re-established under vines in 1980. Set in peaceful valley
House wines for tasting; Selection of small vineyard wines
Private functions for up to 60 people & Bus tours catered for
Enjoy Windsor River Cruise’s Tizzana luncheon, wine-tasting and cruise
Hours: 12.00 pm – 6.00 pm SATURDAYS, SUNDAYS & PUBLIC HOLIDAYS
Weekdays by appointment

Trattoria La Vigna

3 Argyle Street,

02 4655 8000

As you are heading into Camden from the north, keep an eye out for Macarthur’s most serenely located AUTHENTIC ITALIAN restaurant, PIZZERIA and winery. Nestled in the Camden Valley, Macarthur, you will find TRATTORIA La Vigna, a beautifully positioned AUTHENTIC ITALIAN RESTAURANT situated within a picturesque vineyard.

When you visit this ITALIAN RESTAURANT you will be greeted with TRADITIONAL ITALIAN warmth and hospitality. Each dining table beckons with its crisp linen cloths as you choose from the wine list which includes superb local, Australian and imported ITALIAN wines.

Whether you opt for TRADITIONAL WOOD FIRED pizza, specialty fish and GAME produce or authentically prepared fresh PASTA and risotto, at TRATTORIA La Vigna, you will find yourself savouring the true tastes of AUTHENTIC ITALIAN cuisine. This really is a little piece of Italy in Camden.

Gianni and Silvana know that there is such thing as an ITALIAN flavour and their close collaboration with their executive chef, whom uses only the freshest local ingredients, ensures that dishes from TRATTORIA La Vigna kitchen are AUTHENTIC Italian.

In a further effort to create a little piece of Italy in Camden, Gianni and Silvana have personally supervised the building and decoration of their AUTHENTIC ITALIAN restaurant. As you pass through the entry doors you will be struck by the elegance of the TRADITIONAL ITALIAN interior created by large wood ceiling beams, TUSCAN style arches and imported ITALIAN ceiling and floor tiles. Winter will greet you with a blazing fire and Summer will allow you to dine al fresco in the most versatile of dining rooms which seats up to 200 people.

The main dining room, which can also be used for dancing, and the outdoor areas are just perfect for large receptions. For smaller parties, TRATTORIA La Vigna can make the PIZZERIA available. The BAR is fully stocked with SPIRITS and beers. Parking is convenient and plentiful.


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Featherdale Farm

217-229 Kildare Road,
Doonside, Sydney NSW 2767
(near Blacktown) Australia
free car parking
Phone:  (+61 2) 9622 1644
Fax:  (+61 2) 9671 4140

Featherdale has developed into one of Australia’s finest tourist attractions in Greater Western Sydney and has played an important part in the growth of tourism, not only in Greater Western Sydney, but the whole of New South Wales and Australia.


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A Life Celebrant
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  • Civil, Marriage, Commitment, Naming & Funeral Celebrant
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