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Wedding Cake Charms

Like Christmas puddings, there was a custom of baking charms into wedding cakes, but guests need to be warned of this to avoid choking or injury. Probably for both hygiene and safety, this was replaced with a ribbon surrounding the cake so that the charms can readily and easily be removed without risk.

There are ten traditional:

      1. Anchor, airplane, car or carriage, for hope, travel & adventure
      2. Clover or Horseshoe for good luck
      3. Flower or a fleur de Lis, for new love
      4. Heart for true love
      5. Highchair for the arrival of children
      6. Purse for wealth
      7. Ring for an engagement or the next to marry
      8. Rocking Chair for long life
      9. Wedding bells for the marriage
      10. Wishing Well so that all dreams & wishes may come true


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