Why get Married now rather than later?

Why get Married now rather than later?

There is so much uncertainty and confusion, and so many contradictions in information being provided from all sorts of directions. I am going to try to clear some of that confusion when it comes to weddings.

The four most important reasons to marry now rather than later are:

  1. Legal Rights:
    1. With a marriage, you are immediately the next-of-kin, giving protection under the law with regards property, assets, inheritance, insurances, medical care and so much more.
  2. It is easier:
    1. no hassles over seating arrangements, and whether to invite a relative you have never even met.
  3. It is cheaper:
    1. a large wedding could cost $40,000 but a wedding with just the legally required 5 people, can costs under $1000
  4. If you still want the BIG celebration, you can still do that later.


Some couples have postponed their marriage ceremonies, but others will marry NOW but will still have their originally planned large celebration on their first anniversary with a Celebration of Marriage Ceremony/Renewal of Vows.

So, to put it simply, all you need to get married NOW is:

  • A Lodged Notice of Intended Marriage (a waiting period applies)
  • Proof of ID along with a proof of date & place of birth
  • Be eligible to be married i.e. not married to anyone else and be over 18
  • Have two witnesses over 18
  • A Celebrant
  • A space for 5 people

So as a Celebrant, and not a lawyer, I am going to try to answer 6 more important questions about marriage, and perhaps you can decide for yourself: Should I Get Married Now?


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