BESTMAN: How to choose a best man?

Having a Bestman or even two or more, at your wedding is not compulsory and even a gender is no longer a given, but having made a choice to have a Bestman, here is a process that may assist.

Step 1:    make a list of the duties (including expenses & interactions) to be undertaken

Step 2:    consider character, relationships (with yourself, bride and bridesmaids) and skills, make a list of contenders e.g. best friend, brother/sister, cousin, Dad, son, etc.

Step 3:    cross out anyone who could not reliably perform or undertake those duties but if you cannot narrow the list to less than two, maybe have two or more

Step 4:    talk to the remainder on the list to gauge:

  • their agreement to being on the list
  • availability to perform the role
  • enthusiasm

Step 5:    Review Steps 2 & 3, and by now you should have a choice

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