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7 Romantic Gay Wedding Venues ideas on a budget.

Have the ever-rising expenses taken a toll on your wedding venue budget? Are you looking for a gay wedding venue that is both romantic and affordable? While there are limited options to choose for your special date, only a few of them are cost-efficient. One has to scout low-budget places and then pick the best as per their individual preference. And there are still high chances of losing out on the experience while saving money. So how do you find a wedding venue that suffices your purpose? Here’s a list of 7 such budget-friendly and romantic venue ideas that can help:

1. Woods:

If there’s any place as intimate and stunning as your gay relationship, it is definitely the woods. The woods call for a somewhat private affair with your closed ones. They are a highly budget-friendly venue because there is nothing much for you to add to the beauty. I’ve attended many such weddings in the woods that only set up chairs for their closed ones. There’s hardly any need for unusual arrangements that go heavy on your budget. The most you can do is sprinkle a few petals to mark the aisle or hang some lights between the trees. And even if you don’t, the privacy that the woods offer is astoundingly beautiful enough.

2. Beach:

Most of the weddings today revolve around the bliss of stunning beaches. People travel across countries to include the rolling waves in their celebration. So if you happen to live near the beach already, consider yourself the luckiest. After all, you do not have to spend hefty amounts to travel to one. At the beach, you can create a stunning wedding by merely arranging a canopy and a few chairs. You can even hold a casual beach wedding like one of my LGBT clients with smaller refreshments. The decor again does not have to be hefty. After all, where else would you find a view as breathtakingly romantic as the sun along the ocean waves? 

3. Backyard:

The more comfortable you are, the more passionate you’ll feel. The reason why the best place to celebrate your partner’s love is out of the comfort of your own home. No venue cost and design restrictions add to the perfect intimate affair on your special date. There are many ways in which you can host a backyard wedding. You can include a small stage, and seating arrangements under a canopy for a standard setting. You can use rainbow lights and greenery to save on the decoration expense. You can also use handmade and recycled items to make the venue more idyllic.

4. Vineyard:

What is better than toasting to your happy married life on your wedding day? Well, doing it at a vineyard! Vineyards make for a beautiful wedding destination for the mystery that they carry. A beautiful sprawling vineyard is, in fact, one of the best summer wedding venues across the globe. While the refreshments are an obvious choice here, the decoration depends on you. Although the charm of the place is always enough to put anyone into a romantic mood, one can always add to it! For a budgeted gay wedding, I advise you to use only flowers, preferably different colors. This will enhance the romantic setting. You can even use a few charming lights if you feel so. Also, if you didn’t know already, booking a vineyard is cheaper and fancier too!

5. Garden:

Maybe whoever designed the garden always have had a wedding running at the back of his/her mind. The reason why everything about it is intrinsically romantic. From the scent of the summer blossoms to the twinkling fireflies, everything about this place is on-point.  The fresh air and the greenery also add to the aesthetic value of this wedding venue option. The expense is too low as there is hardly a lot to spend on. You can either arrange chairs or put up tents for your guests. However, the best decor for a garden is to leave it at its green best and maybe add a few flowers to it.

6. Chapel:

If you’re someone straight out of a Victorian romance novel, chapels are the right venue for your dream wedding. The polished wood surfaces and glass windows of the chapel reflect the sun inside. The natural light reflected adds to the quintessential aura of the warmth. The whole feel is that of a princesses story. There’s not much decoration and liberty due to the venue restriction. Thus, you save a lot of money too. The place in general calls for one of the simplest and elegant ceremonies.

7. Historical locations:

The history of the monuments, museums and art galleries add glamour and romance to a wedding. Not just that, it is one of the unique experiences that you can gift yourself and your guests on your wedding day. The stunning architecture of such places even offers beautiful romantic photographs. These venues also make for a great experience in history and culture too. Choosing a public spot is the cheapest wedding venue investment due to the low-key affair. Not just that, it is also a charming way to celebrate gay romance from a different era.

The choice of your venue will depend on your definition of romance. The money you spend will always be a vital factor too. The reason why it is better to set your priorities straight and function accordingly. So that when you prioritise romance, your wedding will ultimately imbibe that. No matter what venue you choose, it will always be a stepping stone. But only the love you exhibit as an LGBT couple would make a major difference.

Author Bio-

Bronte Price is Australia’s First Certified Gay Celebrant Melbourne and the co-founder of The Equality Network that helps wedding suppliers create a better wedding experience for LGBTI couples. He is also a member of GLOBE (Gay and Lesbian Organization for Business and Enterprise) that empowers the LGBT community. His stand on ‘marriage equality’ and ‘love has no boundaries’ is unparalleled. Apart from that, he enjoys volunteering as a newsreader at Joy 94.9, spends time in his organic backyard vegetable garden and goes on walks with his fiancée Clint and their four-legged fur baby – Bingo.

Bronte Price
Certified Marriage Celebrant
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Co-founder of The Equality Network
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